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Okay I have tried this game before around 6 months ago and it was pretty bad as a lot of things werent functional but now its an entirely different story I haven't had any issues with any of the features in the game. Though a lot of this game is pretty basic as its just one item in some catagories so if you added other items that were either having different functionalities or something like that would be amazing since everything just seems so 'one way'. Another problem I was happening was my framerate dropped very quickly after they had completed building, even for simple buildings but other than that the game is so much better with this (ngl I especially like the caravan system). Can't wait for the next update :) 

Eyyyyy I found a way to fall out of the map lol its an amazing game. I have beat this game like 4 times trying to find unintentional bugs tbh lol I have found a few and can't wait for more stuff

Yeah the game is really good just the doors are so solid ig and it makes it almost impossible to save the person in the principles closet without a few tries lol

Actually a lot of the game is you exploring on your own ngl lol some of it is sure, a text adventure, though it is more exploration than you may think :)

idk about you but for the combos you have to be on the road and for it you have to switch drifting directions, like left to right

Okay lol I really did like the game though and I would love to see what happens to the game in the coming "days" lol

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This game was actually really amazing though there was a few things I want to see and improved. The game in of itself right now is great and has so much potential. The first thing I think is really obvious is when the character è comes out, it comes out with a bigger and different font, as I know of I think it switched to Arial though I am not sure. Another issue with the game that I had was the game felt very one sided since there was a lot of things that could have been expanded on such as the alleyway guy where it was pretty obvious the Duck of Honesty was a conspiracy though their wasn't much to continue on. Another thing that I want to have improved is the relationship meters as you will get +2 for doing something though it didn't seem like it affected much. Lastly, I know this is quite a far fetched idea but it would be kind of cool if you could date someone and then either invite them to preform on stage with you or just come to watch, I definitely understand if you don't want to do this idea since it does kind of ruin the funny but serious undertone of the game. The game by itself is amazing and I really can't wait for the future updates since the potential this game has is really amazing.
I forgot to add it before though a few times if you clicked after they finished too late or it was random though the voice acting just stops randomly lol so if that was fixed I think everything about this small part of this amazing game would be pretty much perfect (also the è being fixed would be nice lol)

This is a pretty fun game though if you want to continue the HTML version (the version on the page) you may have to change the menu button from esc. to something else since you can't play fullscreen and it glitches out when you have the cursor in the middle lol though it was a great game though I wish you could have a room full of suspects to choose from though it was a good game with so much potential 

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oh yeah, it is a really good game in my opinion and I am sure I will be there for the next update lol

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I just finished the game and I did really like the game though I never really saw a purpose for having money, it would be cool if you could get better TV providers to get better channels or you could buy workers to analyze the news articles for you or to analyze the ones that were already complete.

I did really enjoy the game I just never really saw much purpose in doing what you did in the game though it has so much potential I really would love to see where you take it, I can't wait for an update or anything since the game was really fun though it would be better if there was a store system to give the money a purpose.

Edit: I just thought of an idea where you could have to pay bills to keep the place running and if you didn't game over lol it would be kinda cool to have to pay attention to that sort of stuff

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I have tried to figure out a way to play multiplayer online as I even looked over your directions but I don't know where you can just join a game

or is it only in the full version?

Can't wait for the next update tbh since I had a few problems with the game though I will be following the game since I really like it

This game is really good though I haven't been able to mine so I couldn't do it though it was because it wouldn't allow me to research anything past bigger batteries (first research)

I really like the game concept is there going to be mod support or anything soon?

he didn't... there may be a glitch just restart the browser

I sadly think thats a bug since I have had the same problem as it never comes up as a task or anything inside the game when I hit active, though an amazing game I must admit