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then why did you say that?

I just need help pls

says the one with a literal fnf profile picture

plus its in the fnf chat so-

That doesn't have anything to do with Friday night funkin'-

Love the art style! It's really cute.

Who r u making the poem for?


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After Natsuki I like Yuri and Sayori the same amount but I hate Monika. I guess Monika is nice at the end if you delete her because she realizes what she did, she also saves you if you delete her, I have a screen shot of it but the size is too big.

Yes and Natsuki best girl c:

You don't like Sayori?

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the bad end is pretty sad

Same it happened to me too. It also does that with most games it says are for Mac its super annoying

How do you get more character cards?

Why does it stop at Daisy saying "I wish I could just fast forward in time blah blah blah"?

I love the game and I am excited to play the full version when it comes out. :)

I really like this game! I would want a butterfly soup 2 but, that's really not how things work I guess. I recommend it

Great game I really recommend it!

Pls fix the Mac version if you can! :)

So if you have any idea on how to play this on Mac pls tell me.

Wow! I could never draw that, I'm bad at drawing and ty!!

I'm too shy to talk to all those hot babes....

Can you try drawing Natsuki? I love your art style its cute!

I love this game so much ever since I first found out about it in like 2017 or 2018 I have loved it. I recommend it to anybody who has no problems with blood, or death.

ikr I didn't play but watched it on yt

Pls fix the Mac version, or it might just be my version of Mac, if MacBook Pro  is the problem pls update it a little :)