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is this sequence for sale?

doea this work on rpg maker MZ? I mean the action sequence and all? amd if yes do you have other one slike this of slashes and special attacks?

Okay. Thank you very much for the reply. I will definetely acquire them when they are out.

Hi. I Saw the Visustella Battle background plugins and they advertised your stuff. I asked them a while ago where they took their sideview characters for that video and they said it was from seraphcircle, but all I see are monster packs. Is there somewhere else that you have stuff like the sideview characters?

Is there any way to see a preview of all the sideview characters, as I have many classses in my rpg and I would like to see if I have the characters here that fits every classes before buying.

Does it contain sideview battlers of the heroes and monsters for rpg maker?

are there the walking sprites with these?

is it working with MZ? would love to buy use that in my project

Are battle in 3d too, or its just the mapping? If the battles also, is it still possible to use action sequences of visustella?

where did you get these battlers?

Hey I love your plugins and this one in particular I really needed in my game, but its having issues with a couple of other plugins. I don't know if it would be possible to work this with the other creators maybe. The plugins in question are EnhancedTP from VisuStella, DualWield from Ramza, Encyclopedia from CGMZ and SkillTree from Felski. 


I was just wondering, if the background images and animation were already implimented in MZ, or still not? Because I am trying to use a background image and some animations when unlocking skills and none of them work, so I wanna make sure that it is implemented already before trying to figure out what I am doing wrong. Thank you very much also, this skill tree is amazing.