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Hello, I'm a composer who's worked on various jams. Here's some of my stuff:

message me if you're interested in teaming up! Here's my discord: baharto#9204

here’s my discord: baharto#9204

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I’ve already teamed up with someone else. But if you don’t get a response from the other composers, I’d be happy to make music for you as well!

Hello! I've composed for various jams in the past. Here's some of my compositions:
Looking for a team to join this week

Hello! I'm a composer who's participated in a few since week 150. Take a look at my soundcloud to see the music I make!

I also have some game dev/programming experience. Here's some projects I've made music for and/or programmed

Looking forward to participating in future jams!

Art style reminds of Hyper Light Drifer. Very cool!

Presentation is great! Liked the music, aesthetic and the concept. However, it's a bit frustrating to keep hitting the walls and dying. Part of the frustration comes from how slippery the cube is after flicking it.

Pretty fun! reminds me of geometry dash and flappy bird. Loved the music as well! Did feel a bit overwhelming once the pillars started rushing in. Maybe pace it out a little more? Overall, good job :)

Cool idea! Presentation could be improved with some music and sfx. Pretty addicting nonetheless. Great job :)