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Spooky Starlets community · Created a new topic Won't load.

Loads up to 90% and just stops.

Fun but short. Needs more lewd!

Sometimes when Amile is around, she either doesn't move from her location or she'll walk back and forth between desert to human to insect lands without ever going to Faun's Tavern. Makes it hard to recruit her even after completing her side mission. She has been at goblin domain since start of current playthough and I have never seen her move.

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I save the Moth Princess from her nightmare, and scene after completes I get an error message and game crashes. 

After completing the event waking Moth P from her dream/nightmare the game seems to crash.

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Had an egg hatch as I was speaking with HP and after the scene was over the game froze, couldn't even get into the menu. Seems lots of eggs like to hatch during dialog. Also after the dream sequence for ghost princess the Invicible Under the Moon went straight to Completed, but the barrier is still there and will not allow me to dispel it.

Went to listen to Scarecrow princess story and when I was finished with the scene my sprite of the Kobold Princess was cloned with the sprite of the Wyvern Princess.

Thanks I see it now. You are awesome.

Where do I get the patch.

Not a question, just a statement. Great game, very fun. Buggy, but to be expected and it rarely ruins the enjoyment.