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Thanks. sadly this doesnt give me any info on what could be wrong.

What platform? what gl version does you system support? what was the actual log (copy paste if possible)

Damn, seems to be some dependencies missing. I expect libsndio, libvorbis and libvorbisfile. I gotta get some sleep though so this'll have to wait for now :(

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Cute graphics, love how the combine blades broke off. Adding a time limit would be nice as currently I cant compare scores with anyone as we can all play different amounts of time.

Congrats on being the first entry, and for the first entry being such a nice one :)

Hey all, if any of you are using CEPL, Varjo, Nineveh or RTG-Math and are having issues feel free to bug me with questions here or on #lispgames irc.

I'll be on #lispgames all day Saturday and Sunday and i'll try to be around during the week (although work & life takes a bit more priority then). I live in a UTC+2 timezone so sorry if we dont sink up.

I'll be checking back here periodically.

Most issues are going to be addressed with workarounds during the gamejam as I'll be jamming too, but we'll make issues for the bugs so they can be addressed properly afterwards.

Peace and happy jamming :)

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As of High Sierra 10.13.4 a large number of bindings we depend on in CL game community are broken due to a macOS bug that only manifests in SBCL.

This has been reported on the #sbcl IRC channel but the developer we spoke to there informed us that he would not be looking into it and that the only option we have right now is to opt into the mac beta program and test the next release.

As that is unpractical for many we strongly suggest you use CCL for the gamejam if you plan on working or shipping your game on macOS.

We are very sorry about this and, whilst we will keep digging to see what workaround we can find, it is certainly not going to be found before the end of the jam (as most of us are participating too :] ).

If you've got any skills in this area and want to help out you can find the issues tracking this below:

- cl-sdl2
- trivial-gamekit

Alright, back to the jamming!

Woo! looking forward to trying this one (biased as I am :p)