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Okay, amazing concept. I would just change a couple things. First, i'm feeling a lack of action, so maybe code enemies and gold to spawn every few seconds. Or maybe add a twist like fake gold? Secondly, I love how the camera moves and rotates around the character but I would love a smoother feel. Otherwise, The art and design of this game are perfect.


Nice game. The controls are smooth, graphics are great, and all around feel of the game is amazing.

BTP + Brackeys are saints

Hey, thanks so much for the feedback! This was my first, and definitely my buggiest game so far. I very much appreciate the time you took to test out 7 Sides. However, I'm way too lazy and bored of that game to go back and fix those bugs. I'm also new to the whole upload system, so the games I have posted on the play store are of higher quality.  The no-collision ramp and the overflow text is something that only seems to be happening with Itch. As for level twelve, It's just going to have to be an issue solved by going through level select. I have a long list of other bugs that I could go through and try to fix, but this game has taken way too much time to complete. Again, thank you for checking my games & videos out!