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Bagel Brain

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thanks a lot

i love the jittering walls its a cool game ;)

i love the sunset background but i dont understand how to open the file, there is not option to extract files so im not sure how to play it. would it be possible to upload a zip format as well

tihs is a cool game weel done

sorry, could you tell whats not working, is the tutorial or the flying swan

level. the controls are quite tricky, i know it can get some quite annoyingf behaviour if the aim object moves too far away from the player, try making the limbs that arnt working bend so they come closer

thank you very much :)

thanks a lot :)

thanks we played with the sound so they sounded slightly robotic

its cool, nice and peacefull

i tried and it didnt acutally wokr

this feels well polished, good sfx

well done

for me i just kept being randomly taken back to the home page

the art is great but there isn't much to do in the single player mode. tho i guess it was aimed to be played together, so i'm sure its better when played like that

i love dogs


it wont let me open the file, looks good fro m images tho

how does this have anything to do with the theme(it doesnt)