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The coxinha is a Brazilian snack(a pear-shaped, deep-fried chicken filled croquette), perhaps for Brazil known as "co shen ya", inspired us in this theme of Brazilian food and with a medieval mix and nominations of "Coxinha Hero"

Very nice, much simple and amazing game!! 

Oh!! Glad you had fun with the game. We already know the cause of random death. Your comment directed us to improve and create another version. Thank you very much!

Good to know you like it. Thank you!

Very good to hear that. thank you!

I am playing now and i discovered the attack haha its amazing

Hello, I loved the game. I have some considerations to make to help at work:

1 - Attack control is not working on either joystick or keyboard. (maybe I'll gain more power later in the game that allows me that, and I haven't gotten to that part yet)
2- I found that the character did not stand out in relation to the scenario, I speak in question the colors, the background colors are very close to the colors of both the character and the enemies. So that doesn't give me a sense of depth. This may be resolved by applying a lighting effect to the player and so on.
3- The same thing that happens in the previous topic happens here. In the thorns I did not have visual feedback because they seemed part of the scenario, I did not have the feeling that I was going to die and it impairs the game, makes him learn, but the feeling I had was not that it was my fault, understand? .

Not only that. Sorry if I was too boring getting your foot like that. But I really loved the game and I want the best for him, I'm already a fan. I loved the pixel art, I loved the soundtrack of the game. He is too beautiful, on a very high level. Ah the level design is fucking awesome too. That's it, hugs from your new fan, Luis.