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FYI my review on the server was as follows:

Playable: Windows, Linux and Mac, free

CWs: Mental health issues (PTSD, Panic Disorder, Suicidal Ideation, Self-Hatred)

Game Categories: Visual Novel, Lesbian

Review: Firstly, it has many accessibility options and generally feels very polished, which is quite important for visual novels to indulge you in the story and the feelings it tries to convey. The artstyle is adorable and fits well for the kind of feel the game is conveying all around, working in sweet harmony with the music you hear, which often changes per situation and the feelings of the characters. At no point did i feel something was off or too slow, or anything like that. The character designs also work together on this, being really sweet, with a lot of work put into them. The game is on the rather long side and the story is very well-crafted. So well-crafted that I don't want to spoil it, rather, you should go play it! For those worried about the CWs, you can skip those scenes and get a recap on the important things that happened instead of going through those scenes, which may be helpful to some of you. Keep in mind, the game currently is just a demo. While that has been the case since 2019 now, I have no clue how long it may be until a full version releases. Based on somewhat recent comments on the game and active responses from the dev to said comments it seems it is still being developed though. Anyway, Thistle is my favourite, feel free to say what you think of this one, I'd highly recommend you to check this one out. Playtime maybe 30-40 minutes? I really wish there was a full version already, the game really had me longing for more.


Game feelings: 10/10

Enjoyability: 10/10

Amazing game, please check this one out. The story is sweet as all heck

This game is great! I've been making little game reviews on a discord server for games (mainly ones that are lgbtqia+), this is one of them. It got a 10/10 on both enjoyment and game feels ratings from me. I'm very excited to see the full game once it releases! Is there any estimate for a release date yet?

I have managed to get softlocked more than once within the first few puzzles. Might be a nice game but I can't get myself to restart again just to probably encounter another softlock.

best game 2021

Oh this is gonna be good.

Thank you very much for releasing a game right when i was feeling a bit down <3

I really enjoy playing the game! Really fun, only bad thing is that the hexagons look too much like the circles.