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spoilers ahead due to reporting bug  oh and yea reporting a bug: 

after miruku (the neko) can transform it puts her non-transformed version in the ranch and you can take that one out getting multiple copies of her all sharing shards and equipment while its a sight to run 3 in a single fight i do believe filling up all slots with just her should most likely be fixed

ok I am legit running out of things to try you may have to make a new file and start from scratch and when you reach this point again be sure to read all dialog to make sure there isnt something very simple that has been forgotten 

i dont think you get guild ladies number till you do enough quests for her and just to make sure you dont have item creation yet in the lab correct?

you need all 4 ingredients before progressing then you have to use item creation on them with serum

ok if memory serves me right then right after getting imp you bring her back scene ensues with prof then you go off maybe do a dungeon come back and prof wants you to do the serum ingredient collecting quest ..... just thought of this but have you tried calling people ? in some quests there is no " ! " to show up when you have to call a person to progress the quest involving that 

just to be sure as stupid as it may sound did you tab through all the quests with the flashing button top left when looking at them? if so then what was your last completed prof quest in the completed section

also make sure you have all your haremon outside of the ranch incase one of them is needed for something if that still doesnt work perhaps going to sleep to make a new day or check  the dungeons for explorations if that still doesnt work then i would say maybe go to prof and see if you can make the 3 serum items since that is suppose to be the quest after the finding previous assistant in might require the imp (vex/lilim or whatever you named her... its been awhile so i cant recall that point)

ok next check all npc's  "talk" about options to make sure they dont have any key dialogue and make sure to scroll all the way up and down for more options to show in some cases

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ok lets start with what is your current quests that are not from the guild (most likely only 1 from prof) / also didnt get a notification that there was a reply so sorry i didnt get to this sooner

did you get the quest to collect ingrediants for an experimental serum?

system restore is something you do to your entire comp if you  google it you can easily find step by step  instructions

you have to complete the missing assisntance quest that the prof gives you that is in the caves only after doing that and progressing will another quest open that will allow the plains to be accessed too

dont know if it will work but a system restore might get them back 

the monarch is in the 3rd area opens after doing the profs quest in caves