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Is the Wizard Trash, Goblin Treasure adventure also risograph? If so that’s really cool. How was the process? I want to do that for a game I’m working on.

I hope you’ll make more of these, for EB or anything else.

Awesome! Our session zero is at the end of the month, so don’t worry too hard about me.

I wanted to gently nudge you on this due to me starting a campaign soon and I’d like to have a unified PDF to use for the group.

Sounds good! I’m in no rush myself. Was just curious before I pitched it to some friends for a new campaign.

Is there a rough idea on when the current Beta will be released into a PDF form?

Just bumping this. I’d be down to pay for it again since I paid so little for 1.3 and I’m sure you’ve put in a lot of effort since.

I downloaded the Character Creation Preview and am excited to see the missing parts get filled out. Into the Odd mashed up with Numenera really floats my boat.

Is there a change log for this release? If not, could you give us the gist?

Any chance a PDF with a table of contents might be released soon? Even if it’s otherwise the same?

How different is this game from the version reviewed here?