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Will you consider returning to the fixed camera angle one day? i do like that horror element of fixed camera angles, btw I finished Dismember Mind 1 it was short but sweet.

I like the fixed camera angles on this game but I have noticed that the other 2 games are more slashers when compared to this one.

Can you make alliances even bigger then just 2 per nation? I would like a WW3 type scenario.

Hey Joku if you read the comments on here and on Steam do you know if they'll be a release date? This is a very fascinating game it reminds me of Galimulator but more land based.
I have added it to my steam wishlist, I am looking forward to this game.

I think i just died and that was it right or was there more?? 
Gave your game a shoutout on my Twitter which is @BADW0LF66 the O is a Zero.

Thanks for replying Jonnie, I'm glad you're still working on games.
If you have time would you ever consider making a game which is kind of like Ecstatica?
I don't know if you've played it but it was ahead of it's time in my opinion!
I do prefer the day light setting then the night time setting tbh, also not many survival horror games are based on legends such as the werewolf, trolls, Minitour, dragon...etc with a mix of Arthurian legends.
if you made such a game I would purchase it to help you out on your next projects.

I know you're probably busy working on another project but could you perhaps work on an Ecstatica type game based in the dark ages or Medieval era?

Are you still working on this?

I've played a little bit of this and it's good so far, could do with a little more atmospheric music, see Ecstatica for an example.
Are you still making games or working on this?

I bought a copy of this, are you still working on it?

Are you still making games?

This looks good, Ecstatica was a big part of my childhood, I hope you haven't given up on this project.

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You probably already know this but Manta's flipper won't work or Self right it acts more like a wedge and TR3 will flip (sometimes) but won't even self right. even when the immobilization countdown is happening. (Current 2.01V build)
Some Robots in AI position 1 don't even bother to move also.
Also I built 2 robots will I be able to use them in the next build (when the flippers are properly fixed) or would I have to rebuild them all over again?

Will their be a battle mode?

Just tried the demo keep up the good work please do not give up on it :)