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very nice game i like it 

very nice it is so cool man 

very cool did you made this with clickteam fusion ?? ilke it 


is not exe type 

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funny game :)

so fun game very nice 

nice game 

is stuck hahahah the picture 

you need more time to make game great 
and i think is good to make this game as full-screen not window like what you did to make a game more fun 

good game ... 


64 bit :( why

is cool game 

i love the game it is so cute haha 

ok Done

Good luck I liked your idea and ambition, we are waiting for new parts !

i want contact you if you can post your email 

i like your game is nice

looks great iam gona try the game 

so cool very nice dude 

nice but is so short 

i like the game cause is very simple but it is so fun 

very nice game but you must to write the author of tiles 

we are waiting ..

Rating : Very good :)  

looks so good ! 

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I like the idea of the game, you need to develop it well Good luck How you can create an inventory bar 

i like it ! great game :) 

I need someone who has ideas about the game

I need someone who has ideas about the game 

nice game ! 

Great game ! 

nice game but have some problemes should be fixed like if i enter the home and thene exit the game looks like restart

nice game i like it

very nice game i like the effects good job