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i love the art style and the idea of the game , i just feel the controls are a little bit complicated . but in general i give u 8/10 < but man why u didn't add a good photos of your game they will playing it without hesitation :D .

there's a bug , when i press menu after i enter in the game , the play button will not active so when i press it , it will not effect .

i love this game congratulation


i like the idea but there's a glitch 
when i was with green i hit a green square and i lose :) 

i love this game , with beautiful art and gameplay 
but it have have a lot of glitches like i can go up without open the secret door and a lot of stuff but it's good game as demo and you can fix it later 

i liked everything literally , animation , sound , edge of the screen
i wish you can make another game with new levels and ideas

as a idea it's good but you need to add more stuff and a good control like more speed in every level

cool game 

but if u can publish on PC also :) 

i like it 

i like the game :) good game 

thank you very much ! I am very happy that you liked the game 

nice game ! and funny

thank you , i liked the game honestly and we are waiting the new from you ! 

i like your game! how did you made this game ? name of engine please i think game maker 2 or construct  

i like the style of the game and the graphic ! awesome 

yes windows 7 


come up at the begining

nice game but change J to some thing like E or Shift cause is too far from my finger 

i like the style of this game , nice work ! 

so cool 

very nice it is so cool man 

very cool did you made this with clickteam fusion ?? ilke it 


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funny game :)

so fun game very nice 

nice game 


64 bit :( why