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Oh, that's totally understandable. Anyway, I'm hoping to see it on Steam anytime in the future. Slenderman's Shadow was a part of my childhood in a way, so I get kinda sentimental :D I'm keeping the game on my drive all the time and will probably for ever. From time to time it's really great to be back <3

I remember every time a new map was released, I played it immediately, but quit always just after picking up the first page, because I was so scared and then went to YouTube and watched Markiplier play it for me XD So silly. But back then, I was still a child.

I'd like to thank you for those memories and wish you best luck in your future life and projects :)

Hi there, Marc.
I've got a question. After your team released the full project of Slenderman's Shadow maps (all maps in one game reworked), your game got to Steam Greenlight. Later on, the game was voted down to be moved from Greenlight directly to Steam store. There was a prompt that said "We've contacted the developers of the game about releasing the game to Steam store" or something along the lines.
And here's my question - what happened next? What made you stop right there, when you've had a chance to grow even more? Why the game wasn't released on Steam? I'm really curious.

Thank you in advance for your response, take care. I'm hoping to hear about your projects once more.

THE ARCADE VERSION IS SO COOL :o I'm so glad you guys added that! Can't wait for the official release!