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I. Am. So. Happy.

I will be brutually honest.  I had no idea this had a kickstarter or any sort of backing and had virtually no knowledge of this game, and when I saw the title, I was like...eh...pass.

But holy god, I am so happy I picked this up and played it.  I have lost sleep to play this game, smiled because of this game, and ultimately, CRIED over this game because it is so beautifully written and executed that you can't HELP but cry.  (rip parfait tho i cried many tears there).

I think the thing I like most about this game is how UNIQUE each route is.  In a lot of VN's, the story doesn't really change regardless of the character, and that is definetely not the case here.  I played the routes in the order listed on the page and honestly it was a wild experience.  I love how some parts of the story don't come to fruition until you've played others...etc,etc, the boys are all beautiful etc,etc... 

I just really love this game.  Thank you.

Oh jesus, I loved this.

I've only played the Amesbury route as it was what attracted me right off the bat, but I'm extremely excited to play the other ones.  The writing in this piece is very elegent and had me sucked in from the first sentence. I believe there is one spelling mistake during the route, towards the end, I think Laurence's sentence should be "a sentiment I share", but it says "I sentiment I share".   Not sure, please don't take offense, as this is a lovely piece.

 Thank you so much for weaving this tale. <3