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Hey again, Pearl Peebles! Glad to hear you got the mic problem worked out :) And niiice, that's no easy feat! (We kept one of them around our lab space during production - they're a real challenge to play haha.) Doing our best to get the full version developed, and we hope you'll enjoy it as well. Thank you for playing and for all your kind words! :)

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Thank you for the kind words, Iron_Eagle001! We're working on a longer game right now that we're aiming to make compatible with many more computers. You can keep an eye on how progress is going at with our newsletter, if you like (and feel free to give us your thoughts/suggestions along the way!)

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Hi, eli.j052y! Sorry to hear you're having some trouble. We'll be happy to help. Just to be clear - are there issues with downloading the game? Or is it downloaded, but not running correctly? 🤔

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Hi, 4bitFox! While there unfortunately won't be a Linux version of the demo, we are considering one for the full version! If you'd like to receive notifications about its development/release, you can sign up for our mailing list at :) Thanks for showing interest in our game! 

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Hey Mitsuha Asahina! Thanks for showing interest in our game :) We actually just have one version of the game, available via the download link at the top of the page.

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Hi Irowe! Sorry to hear about this :( We're currently working on a longer version of the game that we'll be working to optimize for many different computers. You can keep up with its production via our mailing list (available at!

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Hey duduxx! Sorry to hear you're having difficulties... could there be issues related to any other aspects? Here's a list of the required specs, for reference:

  • Processor: 2.4 GHz or faster
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GPU with 1+ GB of VRAM
    • Windows must have DirectX 11 capabilities
  • Storage: 3.9 GB available space

Hope this helps! 

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Awesome playthrough, thanks for sharing! Wow, to play until your voice goes out -- the highest honor! :D We actually are working on a longer game, and updates will be sent out with our newsletter (at Feel free to sign up and pitch in your thoughts along the way!

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Sorry to hear it's giving you some trouble! Are you by chance using an internal microphone? You may have to sing a little louder, or closer to the mic, in that case. Hope that will help solve the problem, if so! 

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Hey GDWC! Thanks for reaching out to us, and for all your kind words about our game :) Your championship looks like an amazing opportunity, and we'd be more than happy to throw our hats in this year! 🎩 Thanks so much for your support for the Indie community -- you all are doing a great service!

Thank you for playing!! 🎶 

Thank you so much!! 🎉 Glad you enjoyed it! 

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Awesome! Thanks for the generous rating :D 

We were incredibly honored! :) 

Hey EveLGamer! Thanks for playing our game :D glad to hear you enjoyed it! For some reason the video won't play, which is a bummer - we'd love to see your playthrough! Definitely send us a link if the problem can be resolved! 

Hey Klaus_hargreevess! Thanks for the kind words, we're happy you enjoyed it! :) Working on the longer game and hoping you won't be disappointed. If you'd like to stay current with development, we've got a mailing list that you can sign up for at our main site ( You'll get all the latest info and a chance to throw in any suggestions you've got along the way! 

Great, it requires 10.9 at a minimum, so you're good there. How about the other specs, according to the system requirements listed? To recap, the other minimum requirements are 2.4 HGz or faster, 8 BG of RAM, GPU w/ 1+ GB of VRAM for graphics, and 3.9 GB of available space for storage. Hope that helps sort out the issue a bit more!

Hi there, juli3! Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you’re having some issues getting past that part. Can I ask what iOS version you’re using? That will give us a better idea of how to help from here! 

Hey mirowoxd! We're in the process of making a longer version, and you can get the latest updates with our newsletter (you can sign up at All the most recent info will be sent to our players as it's released. We hope you'll like it when it comes out!

Glad to hear it worked out and that you had a great time with it! We'll be keeping you all updated with the development process for the full version in our newsletter, which you can sign up for at :)

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Hey there, soumya gosalia! Sounds like you may need to make a bit more space on your hard drive, if there's a message that the disk is full! It requires at least 3.9 GB of available space, and the file is 296 MB for Win/ 299 MB for Mac.

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Thanks so much, matlashevsky.angela! :D We hope the full version will meet your expectations! You can stay current on our progress for it with our mailing list (at, we'll be providing all the latest info and updates there! 

Hey there! We can help with that. 😃 above the $2.00 suggested donation, you’ll see a link that says “No thanks, just take me to the downloads”.  Click, download for free, and enjoy! 

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Awesome! Great persistence with figuring out how the shrines worked 😃 Thank you for sharing, we’re happy to hear you enjoyed it! 👏 ❤️ 

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Hey there Laucrte! Thank you for volunteering! 🎉💕 I believe right now we are all set on the new translation front. We really appreciate everyone who offers their time and skills ✨ you all are the best!

Hey queenlynxbb, thanks for checking in! We’re currently doing the best we can to get the longer version rolling. You can check out our progress by signing up for the newsletter (at, and we’d love to hear your thoughts as we go along! ✨

Hi Rakiria, thank you so much for your helpful feedback! We’ll take it all into consideration as we go forward. We also have a newsletter that will provide updates throughout the development process, and we’d love to hear your thoughts going forward too (available at You can also leave comments on our FB/Twitter sites, too! Thank you so much for playing and so happy to hear you enjoyed the game!! ❤️ 

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Hey sastofficial! Thanks for the message 😊 at the time we are all good on this matter. We totally appreciate your offer regardless! Incredibly kind of you ❤️ 

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Hahah awesome playthrough, thank you for sharing it with us! Thanks for the excellent feedback. We’re currently working on a longer game and we’ll be sure to keep these words in mind. You can sign up for a newsletter we’re doing at our main website (, where we’d love to hear more of your impressions as we continue with development. Can also leave comments at our FB/Twitter pages, too. Thank you once again!! 

Hi EarleneE! Sorry there seem to be some issues with downloading the game for you. Can I ask what browser/version you’re using? That should give us a good starting point to help! 👍

Hello AlexKoala! Although we happen to have a Korean translator working with us already, we are very glad you asked and thank you so much for wanting to contribute! 

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Hi KazigKaasje! Is it an internal or external microphone that you're having trouble with? If it's internal, you may need to sing louder or closer to the microphone for it to pick up your voice. If you're having trouble with an external microphone, the ones that come with earbuds should work great as well!

Hey, AwesomeDarkTeam! We're working on creating a longer game at the moment, and we'll be releasing updates related to game content and our release date in our newsletter. There's a link to it at the top of the page (leads to our main site). We're working hard on it and we hope you'll enjoy it! :)

Hi Laiska, so glad you had fun! The shapes on the shrines offer clues as to how to sing to unlock them (for example, a hint: a line going upward means sing from low to hi).  We hope you’ll give it another go - there’s something special that happens with every one that’s unlocked! 👏💕 Thank you for playing and letting us know you enjoyed it 😃

Dear amelala, glad you liked it!! Yes, sometimes results can vary depending on the microphone used 🎤

We’re currently looking into this! Thanks for bringing it to our attention! 🕵️‍♂️

Dear Michael_vx, Awesome! Glad to hear it, and thank you so much for posting your play through! Great work 🎉💕 We are in the process of making a longer game, and we hope you’ll enjoy it! We have a mailing list in the meantime that you can sign up for to stay updated about content and our release date in the future!


Thank YOU for playing! :) It was so much fun to watch your genuine enthusiasm throughout this whole video! :) And thank you for the two-handed clap, too! What an honor! :D

Ahaha this was a hilarious playthrough! :D Learned some interesting science facts along the way, too! Thanks for sharing (and thank you for playing, Tench Froast!)