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One Hand Clapping

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Loved the moment you figured out how the shrines work. We'd like to share your video on Twitter - what's your handle? 

By the way, we're working on expanding One Hand Clapping into a full-length title. You can stay tuned in by signing up for newsletter at Thanks for playing!

Music to my ears. Loved the video RVZ, thanks for playing!

Unfortunately it's not built for Chromebooks, but from what I read there are apps available that can help you run Windows programs. I can't say I've ever tried that, but if you give it a try, please let us know if it works! Thanks for downloading!

Once you extract all the files (which you can do by right-clicking the zip folder and clicking Extract All) you'll see an executable called OneHandClapping, which will get you up and running. It sounds like you might not have extracted the files. If you're still stuck, post a screenshot and I'll try to help you out. Thanks for downloading!

I’m very happy to hear that. Loving your voice is super important! 

Hmmm it can work with a built in microphone although you might get some feedback. That pop up displays when the game can’t detect any active mic so I’d make sure your internal microphone is enabled or use an external microphone if possible. Thanks for downloading!

Thanks! <3

Thank you for your great comment Adhiesc! One of our design goals was to make the game accessible for people of all singing experience. A longer game could certainly teach players more and becoming more challenging! If you want to stay up to date with the future of One Hand Clapping then you can follow us on Twitter (@OHC_Team) and Facebook (@onehandclappinggame) or visit our website and sign up for our newsletter. 

Thanks so much for sharing your voice with all of us! Take On Me has never sounded so beautiful....

Hey GannonStrike! Thanks for downloading the game and sorry to hear that you can't get it to work. Have you tested your microphone outside of the game? You may need to raise the microphone volume externally by increasing the gain on your microphone or changing it in system settings. On Windows, this is under Sound>Recording>Microphone>Levels. On Mac, it's under System Preference>Sound>Input>Input Volume.

Thanks so much HOeHO! Happy that you enjoyed playing the game ^^ Thanks for sharing your playthrough vid! πŸŽ΅

Yay glad to hear!! :D 

Hey! Thanks for letting us know! I'll make sure to pass this thread to the engineers on our team to see what they can do :) Thanks for your patience! Really appreciate the support πŸŽ΅

Thanks JayskiBean!! Your words are too kind ^^ Super happy to hear you enjoyed the game -- we hope to continue developing it so we can release a much longer version for you and others to enjoy!! 🎡

Thanks for playing out game iwanPlays!! Really appreciate the support ^^ πŸŽ΅

Thanks for checking out our game Zadira!! It's always super cool to see families play it together ^^ Glad you and your daughter enjoyed it! πŸŽ΅

Hey element22! Thanks for the concern/suggestion! I'll definitely bring it up to the team and see what their thoughts are. We mainly want to make sure that the game can be played by players who are pretty familiar with music (such as yourself!) as well as players who basically don't sing much at all. Thanks for the kind words though - glad you enjoyed the game ^^ πŸŽ΅

Hey SoundStorm14! We're currently discussing ways of how we want to expand the game (including moving to other platforms as well). If we decide to go to mobile, we'll definitely let everyone know though :D πŸŽ΅

Hey LucaoJooJ! The team is currently talking about how we want to continue expanding on the gameplay -- we'll definitely make sure to keep everyone in the loop if that happens though :D Thanks for your support and kind words, it means a lot to us ^^ πŸŽ΅

Thank you lalalaeti!! ^^ 🎡

Thanks arh548!! Glad you enjoyed it ^^ πŸŽ΅

Haha thank you Jar_Red! Glad that you had a blast with our game ^^ Thanks for the support! πŸŽ΅

Thanks Rhys Da King! We would love to expand more on the game if we have more resources! We'll definitely keep everyone in the loop on what we're developing in the future ^^ Thanks for the support!! πŸŽ΅

Haha love the thumbnail! Glad you enjoyed the game ScareDaWill! :D πŸŽ΅

That's definitely something we're hoping to do! We'll keep everyone updated if it happens for real ^^ 🎡

Click on the 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads' above the 2.00 to download it for free! Thanks! 

Hey YLZhub! Thank you for the comment! Your first question is a good point - I can definitely bring it up with the design team! And currently, there isn't a way to save or load the game because it's a demo (sorry about that!) If we continue developing the game, we'll for sure keep that in mind though ^^🎡

Hahah this is awesome! Thanks for sharing ezio18rip! Glad that you enjoyed playing the game so much ^^ πŸŽ΅

Thanks for playing and streaming our game alsrb420! We're definitely working on adding Korean localization to the game because of the support of you and many other players! πŸŽ΅ 

Thank you randombluetoad!!  We're definitely hoping to continue expanding on the game. If we do - you all will be the first to know ^^ πŸŽ΅

Thanks SugoiBaka! Love hearing that you were able to play with other people ^^ πŸŽ΅

Thank you Avent Zod!! Our artists and composer are all super talented and definitely helped set the mood of the game :) πŸŽ΅

Thank you so much!! YOU'RE cool, adam12! :D 

Thank you Stevied!! πŸŽ΅

Hahaha thanks so much MikeyBlighe! Glad you enjoyed the game regardless of the tone deafness :D  Hearing that it was a moving experience for you means so much to us -- really appreciate the support! πŸŽ΅

Thanks for checking out our game Overpoweredpeaches!! πŸŽ΅

Thanks kaywii! We'd also love to make the game longer if we have the resources to do so ^^ Thanks for the support! β€οΈ

Hey jalildz! Like RabbitFunWorld said, you don't have to pay anything to download the game! ^^ We wanted to make sure that money wouldn't be a problem for people interested in playing the game. Let me know if you're having problems downloading though, and I'll be happy to help you out more❀️

Thanks josings!! Happy to hear that you enjoyed the game as a singer ^^ β€οΈ

Hey anis necibi! Are you still having download problems? Would love to help more if you're confused ^^ β€οΈ