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Bad Pet

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this rules fr

100/100, i love mazes and monkeys

he does, and can even do a kickflip

omg we love purrrgatory 🥺 such high praise, thank you!!


a perfect possum!!!!

auntie kappa deserved what she got 😤

thank you! I hope you find your corn

colton: I have no words!!! This is amazing and beautiful!!! I'm glad the energy of the vampire lord was picked up on, he would absolutely finger guns while dying horribly. Thank you for art'ing such a magnificent moment. I cry 😭

shutteye: aaaaaaa i love this artwork of desmond and the vampire so much!!! it looks so tender and gentle <3 also you are totally correct, the portrait was of the vampire lord!! this is so gorgeous!! and also desmond is def meant to be fluffy you nailed it.

omg this is such a good cute vid

thank you for the feature! and for playing!

omg! I watched the clip from your stream, it was amazing! thank you for playing and enjoying and sharing 🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️

a perfect marsupial!


it was a pic we took of our apartment's trash depot 😙

it is right 😌

One day! Once we have something super polished we'd feel comfortable asking people to pay for.

Until then........ free games!!!

Wow such great music!!!!!!!!!!!

love you guys :')

This game is an absolute delight! <3 my cobby

This was so much fun! I loved the different monsters and game mechanics!

<3 <3 <3


me and shutteye are vibing. it was nice to replace Auntie Kappa with a monkey. Thank you for coming back to visit everyone!

many bubble teas were consumed in the making. thank you for playing!!

Thank you for coming back into this silly world <3

This was so much fun!!! Incredible work :)

This is a perfect game 8/8! The mouse is my favourite :-)


of course please do!!!!

SO GOOD WOW!!!!!!!!

If I could rate it 6/5 I would.

Oh no!! I'm so sorry to hear that. The elevator is sketchy af - this issue has been known to pop up on browser. Hopefully it didn't completely lock you out of progressing!

thank you so much for playing!!!

I am an artist and this game only confirmed that

this was so good. the writing is really funny 

thank you so much!!! desmond has much to discover......maybe he'll discover more soon...... 🙄

thank u kiefciman <3

thank you!!! <3 

more worf coming soon I swear.

thank you so much!! I hate making accounts for things so this means extra a lot.

new devil express stuff coming soon!!!

that's so cool please do!!! big honour haha.

thanks for playing <3

thank you so much!

ost release coming v soon ;)

thank you so much!!!!! :')