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Backyard Giant

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Thank you so much for this! We all really appreciate the effort that clearly went into not just our review, but every single one. Glad you enjoyed our little game as much as we enjoyed making it :)

Thanks so much for the feedback, the sounds actually are all made my recording ourselves! They were really fun to record and we think they add a really nice touch to the game!

Thanks very much! The sounds were really fun to implement :D

The game controls well but some of the sections are far more difficult than others, with a smoother difficulty curve this game would be a really fun runner/flyer.

Really cute idea - the plaforming feels good too which is pretty tricky!

Nice idea, really well done art and animation here. Fairly simple gameplay but looks like it does what you intended while looking great!

Wow! First off this is absolutely gorgeous, the contrast is so simple but looks really great. I feel like analog stick support would really make it as I found myself suffering losses because my mouse wasn't able to achieve the motions I felt I was making. managed to get an A rank on the first level! great job

Great job with this one - can really tell that whoever did the art had a great time doing it. Also a small feature I really love is the combo type noise when you chain together a slime combinations. Great fun will finish!

Great idea, really like the mood change when you turn into the fire character - with the music and the attack speed, feels really good. Interesting puzzles too!

Really neat idea! Super cool to see coop playing into the whole "contrasting elements" theme. Great art and character design too, especially considering the time frame!