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Hey guys really looking forward to checking out the games. I will be taking at look at them during the weekend and reaching a decision on Monday. 

yeah still going on. I think most people are working by themselves which is cool. How's your progress going ?

Roger that, this should do the trick this link should work to the server.

yes it is

Is ok to have an early start as long as the game is submitted by the due date.  Some might argue this to be unfair but I think  the point of a jam is not to win but to improve your craft. Wherever that goal is creating your first game or getting better at making games. So totally go for it.

Hey guys, looking forward to the jam. If you have any questions feel free to post them here.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the game.

Super Glitch Boy lol 

Really fun game, great job on the animation and camera work. One bug :  my character gets stuck after pressing X a couple of times. 

Nice !! it was definitely  intended to be a runner. You can see this on the early builds but it kept feeling like something was missing. Originally, the jumping was a bug, but I ended up liking it.  Its crazy hard if you play it as a runner, but flappy bird style that's when it gets fun. Specially when you have to maneuver through the enemies. 

Thank you Securas, glad you like it. Holland did the sound, he is a really talented musician.

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Wow man, this is amazing. I love the way this game plays, the sound also adds to the mood. MY favorite game so far. Did you create your own art ?

it would be cool to have obstacles  and those obstacles can be destroyed by redirecting The fire ball

This is really cool man. I love the mechanic and sentiment behind it. Are you going to continue working on the game ? this game mechanic has potential to do some cool stuff. 

The UI alone brought me back, really nice work. 

Great job man, camera is very smooth. I like the animations that appear when you throw the object to the walls. 

Really awesome man, the game play is smooth.  The concept changed my whole view on what goes down when you play pacman lol , poor ghost, they are just trying to survive. 

Thank you  mate, its my first game so I'm quite thrilled to have finished it.  : )  

Thank you mate !!!

Congrats on your first game !!!

Great work on  the game !!!!

This is hilarious, love it !!!

Great work, really loved the artwork. Same issue as below after respawning 

Really fun, great work. I also did an endless runner, really like your take on it.

Thank you !!!

Nice work man !!! 

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thank you sir, I'm backslash on discord. Whats your handle ? really enjoying  Oceanum Tenebris & Somnium by the way.

are you in the discord channel ? 

The game is an endless runner in which you play as a glitch who’s committed to finding his meaning in life. The gameplay would involve a fast pace in which you battle enemies as you go. I was wondering if would come come up with something that's fast pace, easy on the ears, and fits the mood. 

any thoughts ?

this is come concept art

I sure do, are you still available ? I'm creating a endless runner called Glitch. 

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Hey guys, I'm a dev and I'm creating an endless runner called Glitch, The idea is that you okay as a glitch who’s committed to finding his meaning in life. I already have a composer, and all  the mechanics for the game are created. We just need to clean up the main character above , create opponents, and of-course I'm open to suggestions. 

 Are there any artist out there looking for a team ?