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Thank you for playing! I really appreciate it! I understand that I made it quite hard, so I'm sorry for that :P

I was attempting to recreate the movement from Jump King, which doesn't have a double jump mechanic and is supposed to feel really limiting. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

Thank you so much! That music and SFX are burned into my brain at this point haha

Thank you so much! <3

A man after my heart. I love fonts, thanks for the link <3

This game has such an original art style. It just looks creepy. WELL DONE. Also, this font it lit af.

I was completely engrossed in the story you were telling. Such a great mix of adult and childish humor. Greatly appreciate it. Are there plans for a future game in the series? I also made a video of my playthrough if you need it for developmental purposes.

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I had WAY too much fun with this silly little game. I really appreciate you taking the time to create something that brought me such joy.

This game really did give me those fun Portal narrator vibes. I really enjoyed myself!

Wanna see a cat play your game poorly? Anyways, the game was absolutely wonderful. Adorable aesthetic, cute dialogue, fun music choice. Really love the vibes. 

I have no idea how I didn't realize this was a horror game until it full-shifted genres.

This game brought so much joy. I don't know how you made kicking down doors and throwing your gun so satisfying but you sure succeeded. 

Something about the environment was extremely eerie and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the old-school VHS horror effects. Great job! 10/10 spooked. 

Absolutely lovely game! Who doesn't love a pink palette?!

An absolutely lovely game! Blew my mind HARD. 

I had quite the blast playing in this little sandbox! Keep on making that quirky goodness!  

This game just oozes creativity! I REALLY enjoyed my time with it!

Your game is immensely fun! Definitely going to be booting it up again soon.

I REALLY wanted to play this for a video, but the game forced my RX 570 to ramp to 100% for the entire time the game was open. I'll definitely play it when a patch fixes the issue.  

This game is absolutely lovely! Great Work, really enjoyed it. 

This game made my whole day. Absolutely brilliant. 

Unpack it from the ZIP file and play it from there. 

Such a cute little game! Great job, you guys! Can't wait to see where you guys take it. 

The game is super adorable! Plus I'm currently binging Stranger Things 2. It was a perfect fit <3

I made a pretty poppin' let's play of your adorable game! Lovely!

Had a ton and a half of fun delivering my date. Can't wait to see it finished!

So much little time. Great game!

I LOVE short little horror games like this, even though they frighten me! Keep up the good work <3

I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, I definitely enjoyed the game! <3

This game is top-tier beautiful <3 

Gosh! Those are some silly pants <3 

This game makes me smile wider than I ever should.

Boy, this game sure tests your patience!!! <3

This game is a gift from the heavens <3

This game is literally perfection. <3