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This game just oozes creativity! I REALLY enjoyed my time with it!

Your game is immensely fun! Definitely going to be booting it up again soon.

I REALLY wanted to play this for a video, but the game forced my RX 570 to ramp to 100% for the entire time the game was open. I'll definitely play it when a patch fixes the issue.  

This game is absolutely lovely! Great Work, really enjoyed it. 

This game made my whole day. Absolutely brilliant. 

Unpack it from the ZIP file and play it from there. 

Such a cute little game! Great job, you guys! Can't wait to see where you guys take it. 

The game is super adorable! Plus I'm currently binging Stranger Things 2. It was a perfect fit <3

I made a pretty poppin' let's play of your adorable game! Lovely!

Had a ton and a half of fun delivering my date. Can't wait to see it finished!

So much little time. Great game!

I LOVE short little horror games like this, even though they frighten me! Keep up the good work <3

I'm so glad you enjoyed the video, I definitely enjoyed the game! <3

Such a fun little game! The ending confused me a little bit, did it freeze?

This game is top-tier beautiful <3 

Gosh! Those are some silly pants <3 

This game makes me smile wider than I ever should.

Boy, this game sure tests your patience!!! <3

This game is a gift from the heavens <3

This game is literally perfection. <3

Absolutely wonderful game! OMG!

Oh wow, the rage is real! Awesome game!

Rage inducing. But it was absolutely beautiful <3

An absolutely beautiful game! Hope you wanna watch a cat play it! <3

Thank you so much! Thanks for watching it.

So many feels.

As promised! Here's some gameplay of the Campaign!

Well there's one more coming your way, so stay tuned <3

So many people are asking me to play that! I wish I had the money now to buy it because I would totally play it ASAP! Someone has offered to buy it for me when the have money though so...within the month? :D

I played the first chapter and was blown away! Great game! Can't wait to play the rest! <3

Link me in a message or a comment on one of my videos over on YouTube. I can't find the game you're talking about.

Love the game so far! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

I'm so glad you dug it! It was only possible because of your game! :D

Wonderful game! Thanks for "Jamming" it!

Had so much fun!

Quite the enjoyable little gem you're making! Keep it up <3

This game is absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to play more of it!