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In the discord there is a bugfix section. I'll have a look through the scenes now to check

I love big asses and big tits. When designing the girls i get carried away i can't help it. Might add a girl with smaller proportions soon for those with a less refined taste

Yeah it's getting an overhaul. Went overboard with it.

Thanks for the feedback. I tried making him anime style but looked ridiculous couldn't get the eyes right with the toon assets i bought. They didn't have a male equivalent to the girls when I started the game. The realistic eyes in the big anime style eyes for the girls looks creepy. hahaha

There is 2 versions. If you download the game you'll get the big boobs girls and if you add the patch you get the small boobs

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Clink this link for the patch

If its PC or MAC. Extract the files and go into ipatch folder. There should be 5 files in there. Put those in the folder called Game and when prompted select replace files. Android I need help with I'm not sure how to build the patch for it yet. I'm working it out.

I’ll check it out thanks

yeah it did. It’s an option a few people have requested I put back in.

Depends if you want something different or more of the same. I went for something different visually  it’s not like my story is breaking any new ground haha

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I was going for a more cartoony anime look when I designed the girls. So sounds like I nailed it cause thats exactly how I'd describe 90% of the girls in anime.

Nice! I had a headache with Java to get a build for it. Glad it works. Cheers for letting me know. 

haha yeah I like feedback just starting out in adult games so any advice is appreciated 

Appreciate the feedback. I'll change the font now

Working on it

Glad you liked it. Appreciate the comment