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Giga chad

The Game Obama Color

Are you planning on updating this sometime soon? It's a great plugin for the most part, but it has some notable issues like lack of smoothness when running from script calls in an events movement path, as well as crashing being an issue when moving between maps. I need this plugin for my game so I was hoping if you'd come back and make a new version for it, heck I'd even be willing to buy it again.

Id love to check this tool out, but was wondering if it supported searching for music files as well. Thanks.

Pre-release is out go play it gamers

I have a pathfind thing in a parallel process on a map, but if I try to change it to something else after a switch happens the event refuses to move anymore for some reason, how do I fix this?

Hey can you see this?

This is an amazing game I love it so much.

The best game since Virtua Hamster


Please note: My previous comment was satirical.

*In Scott the Woz's voice* This game blows. *Throws game into toilet*