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hey! i just made a blog dedicating to reviewing/discussing indie games and i just published a review of this one. feel free to check it out!

streamed this on twitch and i loved it so much. such a sweet tribute to your grandmother. the art and music made this such a pleasant experience. here is my vod of my stream if u want to watch! (i played it in the second half) 

this is one of the most fun games i've played, and i love that it was short & easy to complete, but i could have played this for so much longer if possible. the dialogue and little details in the game were really funny, and i loved all the characters. i'm really excited to play the second game and any future frog detective games. here is the vod of my stream when i played it if anyone is interested.

no problem i really enjoyed the game! and ahhh i see i did not realize that, thanks for letting me know!

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this game was rly cute! i didn't realize i didn't get all the endings, but i still enjoyed it. streamed it on, here is the past broadcast (played it during the second half) <3

this was such an emotional but sweet experience. i streamed it on my twitch channel & loved experiencing it with my friends who were watching. i recommend this game for anyone who loves touching stories, although there are sensitive topics that could be triggering for some. here is my playthrough:

beautiful and sad game. i love the art style so much. i streamed on twitch playing this & missed messages and had such an emotional experience! 

just played this on twitch today with my boyfriend and i loved it! here is the broadcast on youtube :)