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It'sssss ALAURA

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the voice actress did an awesome job and Dee seems really zany and fun!! it's really really nice to see a female protagonist that is actually cool and not just pandering, even tho I appreciate those too, pfft!

very very cute, friends! Hope I'll be able to try out the sextended edition someday! :D

oh my gosh I don't even know how I didn't see this!! thank you so much, this is definitely enough to tide me over for now, hahaha!!
and best of luck with your other game!! I appreciate your reply so much! have an absolutely wonderful day!

these games are really really cute and fun to play! thank you for making them! However I do have a question!
would your team happen to be interested or planning on anything to make for the ladies in the crowd?? Either lesbian or anything else of the sort?
I'd hate to sound rude, there's just so much you guys put into your stuff and I'd love to someday see something for the more feminine demographic, pfft! we can sure have fun lewd gaming too hehehe! Again, not to sound rude or anything, of course!

This game was so hecking adorable and fun, the style is to die for and I honestly would consider the "enjoyable for all ages" cartoon aesthetic completely utterly blessed.

I hope Posey and Cookleigh become the next internet sensation and I can't explain how much I adore the charm you put into this, my friend!

Have a wonderful day!

I named her Canary, I probably won't really use her but she's cool I suppose!

this is a very important game that tugs at my heart strings, even the smallest things I do for grandma makes all the difference and I love it

the comfort I feel while playing this makes me very happy, thank you for making me feel this

this is so adorable and well-made! I swear I hear that longing "art..." every single time I finish a drawing now, I'd love to know more of Posey's adventures, she's so innocent! Following for more!

This game is one of my very favourites, it's so well done and clever, whenever I start playing I just get hooked all over again!

It's just incredible! One of the best interactive Pokemon fan games I've played!

That was really funny and naughty! I love a lewd kind of game that doesn't take itself too seriously!

I really enjoyed this as well as you guys' great graphic style! The character designs are awesome and I love the little Pigglet's face in all the scenes he's in, he's so happy, haha!

I really hope to see more from you guys soon and I hope my comment made you smile! Have a great day!