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Hi I tried downloading this game on android. But this was only what I saw. 

Yes it can. No problem at all.


I've downloaded it on mobile. I don't how to interact with anything unless there's a physical keyboard connected. But tried with a controller and it moves but still has no interact buttons unless there's a physical keyboard. Or maybe I'm just missing something.

The trigger for Cece scene is when you visit town at night in a particular day and talk to her, after that Hang out with her. First hang out encounter at the Bar play Cards. Second at forest and interact every dialog. Need to interact 'tell me about the pirates' twice correct me if I'm wrong. And third scene is going to sleep on your bed at night.

I can actually work in tavern at night as long as you have remaining 200 energy. 

Hi, new here. Just wanna ask if there is a fix on Android version. Cause when I encounterered three Bathroom scenes with Cece, Kaitlyn, and Rika they're not visible on screen. Also with morning BJ with Cece she's nowhere to be seen. I felt disappointed with those times 😢.