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Just wow, You're a great videogames designer. i love all of your stuff, and this is one of my favourites. Great work<3

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I was reading the comments, and i found a pair of them talking about the mouse aim attack intuitivity problem. The issue might be caused by the fact that in the menu the cursor disappears. If you had this trouble comment under this, just to see if i was correct. Also, after replaying the game, i saw a misspell in the tutorial, When you teach to hunt and not to stand too close. I am really sorry for bothring you, thank you for your attention and have a nice day.

Have you thought on doing a sandbox mode? I'm not a game programmer, so i don't know if it's difficult to do or impossible to do in Gamemaker.

Also sometimes i hear a nokia 3310 ringtone. The game is still awesome, the idea is original and the grafics are masterpieces<3

The game is awesome, the commmands are customizable for everything, so a lefthanded like me can change whatever is hard to reach. There is only one little bug, which, if you attack with the full bar (so you have to have a prey in front of you) agains the side of a ladder (the ladder need to be facing left or right), the jump could make you go straight in that space, blocking you in.