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Quur is a messy and colourful game where you play an ethereal being capable of manipulating all around you. The game is so unique that it's hard to actually explain it whilst doing it justice.

The best way to show you is to, well actually show you. I made an impression video right here:

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The Shadows That Run Alongside The Car is a Visual Novel about two apocalypse survivors trying to find a safe haven. I'd say it's more about the journey than the destination it's really curious. Here's my impression of the game:

Pleasure was all mine!

The Aftermath is a quick nice little game in which you have to judge mortals for their sins, will they go to heaven.... or burn in hell? - Kind of my take on it, the simplicity makes it so great. My first impression

"Supercontinent Ltd is a dystopian narrative game in which you need to hack some uncrackable device known as a landline phone." - Doesn't get more badass than that, here's my first impression:

Will make it a series most likely