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Awesome, I'm excited to look through it!

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I really love the game so far! Lovely work!

Any update for this? I really love the game but it's a bit finicky to flip through all the PDFs with their current formatting!

I can never have enough soulsy TTRPGs! Not to mention this is really neat. Great work!

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I'm excited for when that happens then! I've been loving the read and hope to be able to play it myself someday!

Oh, as a heads up! I think 2 and 3 on the Strange night Weather Phenomena are mistakenly the same?

Glad to hear! Please take as much time as you need, I patiently but excitedly look forwards to see it all! Keeping  the previous volumes in mind, I'm certain that they'll be great.

 I'll stop bloating your inbox though- thanks for letting me know! And great stuff once again!

I just recently was able to take a peak through the different volumes and I'm super impressed with the quality here! Really excellent work!!

As a side thing, is the elder dragon (or other) volume(s) still in the works? 

Ooo, I love this so far, Awesome work!

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Oh dear, I'm terribly sorry to hear that! I hope your doing well despite that.

Your other games seem pretty great too, so I'll be sure to check those out sometime! Thank you for your reply!  

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This is an awesome game! I'm excited to see what the future features will be like if this is still being worked on.

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I do hope that one day we'll get a detailed pages version to go along with the spreads! The images really go a long way for me- but Eithercase I love the read through!

Oh shoot, did I happen to miss these community copies being added? 

So far, an amazing read! Been trying to find a good TTRPG with a feel like this, and this has taken the cake!

Oh, You might be giving me too much credit though. Still, thank you for the kind words! I just bought a copy now and will be reading through it more when I have time. Still, awesome work so far! 

Great to hear! I do know that such a table of contents can also be added to the left side bar, so that'd also be an amazing additional feature for ease of access. Eitherway, I'm honestly itching to play  this game with my friends, so good work regardless! 

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This is awesome! I've been reading through it for the past two days since I've found this. I'm excited to see further updates, Hopefully we'll also get a linked table of contents to make searching through the PDF's rules easier. 

Aha, got it! Had to copy and paste the link address into the browser for it to work for me, oddly enough.

Hmm, The character sheet download link doesn't seem to be working?

This is probably not accurate but if I had to guess, maybe 3, or 4. Higher then the Gunslinger's base damage due to the Sniper needing to hone in their shot chance before firing with accuracy- so higher damage would make sense as balance.

Question! Could you switch around the Gunslinger's Rifleman Advancement? Say, have them start with the rifle and it's changes  at character creation and have that class work up to being able to switch to their revolver?

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Ooo, I've been looking for something like this!!! I'm going to check it out more deeply as soon as I can.

Update: Yes! Thank you so much for making this. It's perfect for my recent Splatoon-world brainrot. Covered everything I needed and more! 

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Hi! Is this still being updated?

Oooooh, okay! Thank you a bunch! 

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Greetings! I quite like this. Do you think going forward, that you'll update it or add more rulings?  I am quite confused on the GM side of things on how combat should work, aswell as why skills have a die attributed to them while players seemingly only roll a d6 to see what happens- 

If there's anything to help clear this up, I'd love the help! 

Oooh, I love this a whole lot!

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I love the vibe this system has so much! Definitely going to plot up a future game with this in mind. Would love to see more of this!