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On one hand, I don't want it to be fixed, 'cause a staple of some poorly translated JRPGs are typos like this, but on the other, I feel like people won't take it as seriously with them there, being released modern-day despite its obvious influences

This is a very rough, unpolished, laggy, buggy, and debug-necessary mess. None of these things mattered to me while I was playing. In fact, I'd say the last one is a positive point.

All things considered, I had fun. It was a little odd getting Tornado from the maverick that, y'know, doesn't fly, but despite its rough edges it's a very enjoyable game. I had a lot of fun running around the map with Tornado, and it was a very fitting spot to put it considering it's the far corner of the map opposite side to the final boss. It's naturally the last one you'd want to go to since it's the furthest away, and you'd only discover it's the furthest from the final boss as you move to Boarski's stage.
There are design choices here that I really loved to see, and I think you could take this even further if you wanted to/had the time to.

This is a really nice game. There are some writing bits that need some polish (spell checking, flow, smaller shit that doesn't matter to anyone except me) but there's a base here that could turn into something really huge, intentionally or not. So many different dialogue options that set specific flags. Like MVOL but with a slutty Gomamon instead of a nerdy cat. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Instead of implementing it as a completely separate path, maybe it could be one of those ultra-specific scenes. PC asking Gomamon to do it (lazy bastard,) or Gomamon, the corrupted, depraved slut (s)he is taking initiative from getting pissed off at the PC (ala Harass, as an example,) or some other specific trigger. Nothing super grandiose. Seems there's lots of flags that get set throughout gameplay for dialogue changes, so there's honestly a lot of framework here for these types of little, insignificant deviations from the normal path.

It might be beneficial to include a turn cap for sleeping.

I love this game, though. So much content to explore in such a tiny demo. I did end up encountering a bug where I couldn't do anything except restart the game upon starting a new run and getting to 3F, but I wouldn't know how to replicate it. Will reply if I find a way. Thanks for making such a great game.

Actually, all of the enemies can be toppled! Only the slime has no animation upon interaction after toppled, though.
I have experienced the sword timing thing as well, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the animations. The concept's there, and there's clearly skill to back it up! I'm looking forward to what kind of content Carpet adds to the game!