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But of course it is a feature! :D

I really enjoyed this puzzle!
Great work!

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I do like the idea behind the game!

And it was executed well enough for the purposes of the jam.

I don`t know if it was intentional that Scott gets stuck with the inner negativity inside the room should he return there after defeating it, but if not: it does make for an interesting alternative ending if you don`t leave. 

Thanks for the idea!

You are right! 

Unfortunately I did not have time to do any more animation by the time I realized this (once playtesting with people who did not know the game beforehand.)

As an afterthought it might have been better to use something like a snowboarder for the character too in this Jam. More easily understandable as a concept. 

Thank you ^^

You were not kidding. It can be pretty hard to clear this one :D

Game looks nice!
Elevator feels a bit weird to control, but then again there was a time constraint.

Blobs! Such nice blobs!

It had a nice look to it. Math problems were quite straight forward, and felt a little dull in my opinion though. That is mostly due to my own preferences though.

 But it had an interesting enough design around simple fundamentals.

It was also my first game jam...

Somewhere after it was 3am, and I was looking at my flappybird box- prototype wishing it was not a flappybird box, I decided to ditch the whole project and sleep on it. 

A good call. Next day I got a good prototype (which was thankfully not a flappybird box) up and running, and while getting it playable, enjoyable, and even somewhat polished was no picnic, it was doable.

I am very satisfied with my result.

Moral of the story: Do not sacrifice sleep. At least not entirely. The theme was announced 10pm local time so I really needed to sleep at least one night.  After that I did work pretty much nonstop for the following 32 hours though, save for a 3 hour nap which did wonders for productivity.