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aaaahhh i LOVED IT SO MUCH. also, you're a cruel, cruel bunch for leaving us with another cliffhanger XD. can't wait for more, thank you so much for blessing us with this amazing story and beautiful art <3<3!!

aaaah i stumbled across this this afternoon and i'm in looooove. thank you so much for this, it was amazing!! and thank you for the many different customisation options for Ash! i'm gonna let my first playthrough settle and then i'll be straight back in there trying a different route <3 <3

- also love the voice acting!! so i'm def looking forward to re-playing it when all the voice acting is done :D

i'm loving this SO MUCH!! the art is utterly gorgeous and i love the clever sound design. and can i just say how much i adore Reed 馃槏馃槏, he's such a sweetheart! i'm incredibly excited for more, thank you so much for creating and sharing <3<3

just wanted to let you know how utterly in love i am with both the universe and all its characters. i adored both DLCs and am super excited for the release of the next chapter of the main story. thank you so much for creating and sharing <3<3<3