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I think its a very cool game, with a lot of potential. If you make the train faster and add some sort of limitation to make a challenge you have a very cool logic puzzle game. ;) 

This could easily be a popular mobile game, very addictive and fun ;)

Really Creative i love it

Love the music, very fitting. 

Fitting music, enjoyable and ver smooth gameplay and good difficulty. Overall a very good game!

I love the sounds they fit very good and the light they create a nice atmosphere.

I really like the music and the art, they are well done.

Interesting approch and the art looks really good, but i can't really figure the controlles out

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Very interist idea, i like how you made the different weather states. Your art, especially the background is very nice. 

But we can't make it past the second level, can you help us? or does it end there?