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This game was so well made and always had me thinking, really really great job!

This game is so cool and the concept is fresh and original. Overall it's a really great game!

Ok, thank you so much!

For some reason the pipe wouldn't work but the puzzles were really cool and well made. 

ok thank you, I knew the numbers meant something lol

I couldnt figure out the door code but I'm willing to get back in and try again. Well made game by the way!

It's a cute simple game that was well executed. Great job!

This game indeed does have shitty controls but I enjoyed playing it! great job.

I didn't get too far but it's still a pretty cool game.

Cool little game with a few good spooks in there. Nice job!

This is a really cool game.

I LOVE the way this game looks, I just wish there wasn't a maze section because in my personal opinion they feel like a cheap way to pad out a game and make it less enjoyable.

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I didn't get to finish it but I really liked it so far.

This game was so awesome! I had a great time playing it, the tension and gameplay worked so well together.

This game looks amazing and for it being a one environment game, it was put together very nicely. 

This game is very well made and looks beautiful, the scares are good and I really enjoyed playing this!

Ok that makes sense, uhm the tv things would be a good addition. Maybe a little forgiveness for misclicks if you could do that somehow. But other than that it's a great game, and I'm so glad my gameplay had benefitted you.

I tried again..I think I'm just bad at video games XD

Oh ok, thanks for the tips, I will make sure to try again in another video!

Nice job making this  game, I enjoyed playing it.

Not bad, sometimes I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do, but good game overall.

Pretty spooky but I wish there was a little more gameplay. 

This game is pretty spooky and I enjoyed playing it!

This is an awesome idea and I loved playing the demo!

This game was amazing and one of the funniest sh*t post games.

Really cool concept and freaked me out a bit, haven't finished but it's great so far!

Its pretty difficult to find keys and everything looks the same but cool idea nonetheless.

Sorry,  it's scheduled to go up at 1pm tomorrow

This games was awesome but very sad news...

Good little game, just a few probs with the notes

Great game with some really spooky scares!

This was a really cool game and I enjoyed playing!

Finished the game and LOVED it!

I didn't get to finish it but it's a cool little game.

Next video I do on it I definitely will!

Awesome game, had lots of fun playing!

This was an awesome demo and I can't wait for the full game!