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This game was so strange yet weirdly captivating... Also, I'm bad at basketball.

I got scared out of my mind! Really well done, I enjoyed the game a lot.

I finally finished the game, it was a bit tough but I got through it.

This game has a specific charm and I love it.

Your game was third in my video and I loved it, it really freaked me out!

Your game is the second in my video and I loved it, it really freaked me out!

Your game is the first in my video and I loved it, it really freaked me out!

This game is never not fun, I hope you enjoy  my gameplay!

This game is so freaking fun and I have a really good time playing it, hopefully you'll have a good time watching my video too!

Very cool game, I overlooked a few things in the ending but I realized them later on lol, great game and pretty tense at times.

Here's my gameplay

This was a really well made game with a few cool creative mechanics, great job!

This was very spooky and had a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed it, keep up the great work man.

It was a bit weird to not have a flashlight at the beginning of the game and the house was a bit too big and had a strange layout, but it had really good scares and a great atmosphere and I really did enjoy playing your game!

It's definitely unique but the flame going out when you move too quick makes the game a bit tedious, other than that it was really great and had a very strange and spooky atmosphere. 

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This game was amazing and has some really good scares, great job!

this was a really cool short game

This game has such a good, creepy atmosphere and the monster is super scary, but could use a few more sound fx. Great game though, I really liked it.

Their's still a few bugs in the update but still not bad at all, keep up the great work

This game was weird in a good way and I really enjoyed playing it

This is a really cool game, just needs a few tweaks here and there.

This game is really scary and the atmosphere is super dark, I really liked it

That's my fault, my recording software reset my audio to default and I didn't notice...

This game was terrifying and one of the best horror experiences I've had in a while!

The game was ok, theres wasn't really much there but it looked good. Keep it up!

This game is absolutely hilarious


This game actually scared me and idk how to feel about it...

This game was cool and had a really nice scare!

This was a really cool game!

This game was really good and pretty freaky.

This was interesting, I didn't really know what was happening but it looked great nonetheless.

I absolutely LOVED this, I hope that you make this into an even longer experience!

This was a really cool game!

This had really good scares and I was really spooked.

Ok, I'll definitely try that

This game was pretty scary, I did run in to a bug that turned me around a lot though.

This game was terrifying from beginning to end and the textures and graphics look awesome! Great job

Really good game with good scares, nice job!

This game was awesome and really scary!