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Just wanted to confirm with you guys that you received the email with the attached log file as you requested. I sent it to this email:

Hopefully I did this correctly because I am so jealous of all of your other fans who can play your alpha right now. Thanks again!

I have tried downloading the app also, which allowed me to install every version you guys have released of your game. Every single one crashes the same way as soon as I click "New Game".  Maybe I am missing some external component that helps load the game, or maybe there is an issue with my graphics card (GeForce GTX 660).

Hello! I just downloaded the Windows version demo because this game looks like a real gem! I would love to give it a try, but I cannot get it to load past the main menu. It crashes as soon as I hit "New Game".

Is this a known issue anyone else has had with the newest demo version and is there a fix or work-around?