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After about 12 tries it finally had a successful install..not  sure what the issue was but it's working now

Originally from the itch website no other version has gave me any issues, downloaded fine, unpacks fine but the install gives me an error of " app not installed"

Yeah...that's not working either

Since it is also an updated technical release will it also fix the game crashing for Android

See if it works for you now, I'm having different issues now

Got it to download and install, game loads and plays. With in about 15 screens game abruptly closes, reloaded made it about ten more screens past where it first closed. And it closed the same way...😭😭 Great looking game I just don't think it's going to work for me....

Ok thanks I'll try it now

My phone is a Samsung A11 running android 11

Version 1.1.6(I think.. this was only a few days ago..) for Android..also the download states 1GB but after it was complete it's becomes 1.5GB even tho that shouldn't matter but it might. Everything seemed to download ok, and as it began to unpack it got to what appeared to be 75% and then gave me an error saying it couldn't be opened. I did double-check to make sure there was plenty of space available, it was. Then tried again with the same results

Game will not install for me

Ok thanks 👍

I'm having issues with where the game just stops and closes out(android) also the gallery isn't working for me...other than that awesome game much love to you guys

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Put together very nice function and controls are excellent 👍👍 just needs longer gameplay overall⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating on Android

Awesome thanks 👍

Awesome 👍👍. How soon before the children from the pregnancies get to be born will they also be available in December

awesome 👍 thank you

AWESOME GAME many hours have be put into playing it.. but... How do I update the game on Android or do I have to just download the updated version