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That’s ok. It’s totally understandable to want to keep the project manageable. And I did think of losing touch with an actor and having to recast.  It was more of an idea than a request. Thanks for your work on making the game in the first place. 

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Maybe that could be a community driven task.

Perhaps a contest where users can submit demo recordings in a specified format of a selection of lines performed as a character in the game, following some creative guidance from the developers, for instance: "this character should have a husky sultry voice" etc. and sign a release form giving the developers use rights. Then developers could choose "winners" to provide complete and ongoing voice performances for said character and a full license to the game.

Many shall we say "special interest" games do force progression, limit your time to get things done, are puzzling about how to progress or otherwise make getting the desired results frustrating. I find that to be a tease. I rather like the sandbox freedom of play in this one, It's refreshing and relaxing in a Minecraft sort of way.

I don't know how difficult it would be for the developers to add different modes in the spirit of "survival mode" and "creative mode". But it might be a way to satisfy a variety of different tastes such as yours and mine.

Yeah, it seemed kinda grindy now I'm like "One more day cycle, then I'll go to bed."

Skillshare perhaps, so many youtubers have that.

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This is a kink game, why not go all-out with fanservice?

Or make it an option at least, I can see how some folks would like to see a shirt ride up or ripping cloth/seams or popping buttons. Ooh, yeah.

Raft community · Created a new topic sail?

is the sail not implemented yet in linux ver 1.04?

Nah. Sexuality is a spectrum, right? 

According to the Lgbtq...lmnop...wxyz set.

I second.. well third that request. :)

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The sounds are really good, add more.

Is there a bonus cumshot and/or her screaming or something for getting the pleasure meters to climax simultaneously?

Isn't playable on web browser controls are too sloppy.

For better or worse, rape fantasy (doing or being raped) is part of the kink spectrum. That's all it is, FANTASY.

So if it doesn't appeal to you fine, if it does, it sure beats hurting people in real life. 

That's what fantasy is for, to tickle your kink in a safe judgement-free manner away from the taboos and haters out in "polite society".

If you want to be left alone to enjoy YOUR kink (why else would you be here?), don't hate on others'.

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I'm loving this game.  I'm glad it's just feeding fun instead of a typing game to get them to gain. I have to figure out how to get any of them to eat steak.

It would be fun if some girls gained different ways such as muffin-top/rolls,  busty, hourglass, pear (butt/thighs) and apple, Some faces get fat some not as much, double/triple chin, Single/double belly, thick legs/arms, etc. 

Clothes could get changed too. With dialogue like "Keep it coming." and "Faster." and "Give me a sec, I have to loosen my belt!" and "Oops, My button popped! and the perennial favorite, "Ooof! I broke the chair. Never mind, just keep feeding me!!"

Also if the girls had preferences for positions like standing or sitting/reclined or laying on the side or back. and have that affect their appetite or food preferences. "Feed me Grapes like Cleopatra." and  "I'm tired, I just want to recline with the funnel tube in my mouth [or belly] today."

Right now I haven't found much reason to have interest in talking to them. Some fetish talk could include "Yesterday, I split my pants! and "All my  panties are giving me wedgies, I'm going to have fun shopping for bigger ones." and "I'm on the last hook on my bra! and "My husband/boyfriend/girlfriend won't stop touching my______!"

The Giant Hotdog and Giant Burger should be much higher calorie count than 500-600cal, check local restaurant menus. A specialty burger and fries meal at 99 or Applebee's are 1100-1400 cal.

Larger food items would be nice: Med Pizza, Large Pizza, Party Pizza, Gallon of Ice cream, 2L soda, Keg of Beer etc.

The Garfield fan in me wants to feed her a Tray of Lasagna at 5000 cal or more and taking a while to shovel it all in with a large serving spoon when they get to higher capacities.

A Blender to make Gain Shakes with their fav foods and they can ask for adjustments in flavor, size etc.

An achievement could be to get her to finish a food challenge.

They need to get bigger overall, they max out the art too soon and only the numbers go up. I pumped 300,000 cal into the girl with no personality and she only got 3 stages fatter.

So many possibilities!

Ooh fun!

I think they mean that they need a house call because they're immobile.

Suggestion: Move the fork so it leaves more room on the table and doesn't waste precious food.

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Hater says what? Feelings are valid because they're personal to the individual. If one wants their feelings to be validated, they shouldn't hate on others' feelings hetero nor homo nor etc.