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No wonder he chose the beers, the girl friends look like titans! burn them all!

ps. Wheres all the memes? (maybe I just didnt look at the right way?)

I don't even know what the sound effect is when you start moving (probably better that I don't know).

The troll agents almost got me but they didn't stop me :D

Pepe will live in our hearts even after the defeat against the invincible clinton! (propaganda!?)

I never managed to get more then zero score but I still won :)

The dank is high in this game!


Gotta go fast, gotta go faster faster, faster faster fas fas fasterrrrr!


Game idea was awesome! However for some reason the other video wouldn't show for me? (I could press at correct time though following the lead in music :D)

Overally I'd say this game is...To Be Continued

I didn't manage to win due to my poor math skills (and opponent was too great).

However lots of memes were used and no dank memes could be found :)