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Yasss! Have fun! <3

Just click on the one with the face icon (the .exe file)

Yes, of course they are safe!

Another person is working on it, it turns out to be too big for me to do, and I have no funds for iy, thanks so much!

Thank you so much! <3

Thanks! One is in.progress RN!

Why not both?  =D

Awesome! She is my fave heroine too! And yes, Zen will have a route!

Progress is a bit slow because our editor and myself have a new day job, but more updates can be seen in my twitter @azureXtwilight!

We're aiming for a somewhere in 2019 release! XD

Thank you for playing! <3 I hope you will look forward to my next games!

Thanks so much for playing! <3 I hope you enjoyed them and will enjoy the new ones, too!

I will consider adding if I got enough funds! (About $50 more or so?) In the meantime Sylvanna won the poll so she's the one getting a route for now.

Just enable pop-up and you will be fine!

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Of course you can! I will add it to my personal tally! In here there is no time limit to the vote.

Like I said, I don't have enough time and budget to add them both... XD


Thank you so much AAAAAAAA

Thank you for the vote! Seems like most people agree with you!

OMG thank you so much for the kind words! I am honored you love my games! Re:Set is put on an indefinite hiatus, I am working on Fantasia : At Regime's End now, it's a direct sequel to the second Fantasia game, you might want to check the game demo first! =3

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Heya! Thanks for liking the op! I feel like the point of Ash being masculine goes over a few people’s heads. Like you can actually mistake her for a guy because of her handsome looks, and that’s the point of why it’s mentioned in-game. If she looked very feminine and people kept calling her a guy it would be weird! (like how it happens in a lot of manga). 

Sorry, but Ash looks really attractive enough for me! So I am keeping her design =) And we don't have enough funds to hire a professional artist, but maybe you can donate and I'll see if we have enough fund!

Noo he is still here </3

The game actually mentioned after you "did" not kill Fatima that Ash is a female XD

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Thanks so much <3

I am having plans to redo these games, as the stories are a little bit changed by now. You'll see that it stops at episode 3 at the time being ="))

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I think the package can be played by mac, but I have no one to test it out. Let me know if you have tried it out and I'll change the description!

No, thank YOU for playing! ^^

I have updated the game prologue X3

Aaaa, thank you so much, you've made my day <3

Thank you so much! I am actually trying hard to make it such that you don't play as the Princess... Again XD

Also, I am sorry, you can't! You will know why when you find out who the narrator is, though =")

No, he's still as scared as ever XD Fatima will wear the pants in this relationship.

Don't worry, the creator also ships them. Whoops XD

Huzzah! Thank you!

VNception?  :'DD

And thanks for playing!

Aaaah! It is such an honor to know I inspired people making their own VNs! Thank you for playing and I am glad you enjoyed the experience!

Keep making VNs and be awesome!

Your welcome!

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All righty! Will do as soon as I got fast enough connection =)

Awww shucks~ Thanks again!

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Thanks for the feedback, will definitely check Design Doll out! I purchased the backgrounds because I can't do backgrounds for life, though. So I am afraid we'll have to stick with it until the completion!

Aw, you made me tear up! Thank you so much for playing the game and supporting me as creator! =D *also do play my other games*

Aww, you are too kind! Thanks a lot for the support! =D

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Definitely Ash XD She's the one with the little portrait at the textbox, and the one called "you" by the narrator.