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The moment I saw them breaking the fourth wall many times, I knew that they were actually roleplaying! It was such a delightful little game and I love your writing style! My favorite character would be Todd, because he's such a lovable dork XD I wish we can have a Dan route, though but him blushing at the neutral ending will do.


Thank you!

Thank you <3

Thanks! I'm working on a second sequel of it!

Email sent!

Email sent!

Sure! Do you have twitter or email so I can send the files over and talk more about this?

Of course! Do you have twitter or email so I can send the files over and talk more about this?

I haven't got any offers! 8D

Ah yeah, I got the fourth bad ending! (My favorite one was ending 1) And yes, your team has done a splendid job with the voice acting.

Battles were always my weakness, haha, and since there are a lot of battles in Fantasia  I have to write that.

She did care about Noah, but she didn't seem to rush in trying to heal him and just accept that he is a badass. Maybe it's just me so don't worry too much about it! Can't wait for the Lilian side story! 

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First, congrats for the release!

I enjoyed the game! :D The voice acting is amazing as always, you could say that it was the thing that drives me towards playing it. Since you are using pre-made art so I won't comment much of them, I have to say that the changing styles bothers me a bit but I got used to it. 


That twist with Noah I was surprised, it was a welcome one! I wished Annelise had cared about him more, though. It seemed like she's just 'OH, OK' when he is injured and is less concerned about him like he was to her. JASON on the other hand, I saw that coming but it was a good feeling when I saw it confirmed.

I also like Lilian a lot, because MOSTLY her voice as well, but man she is awesome XD Too bad she disappeared fast, but Lilian you shall be remembered.

This NaNo seems to be an amazing entry! I can see a lot of heart and hard work is put out into this, and it shows. Congratulations again!

>> you are not a doppelganger, are you?


But thanks for the reference XD It was a nice little touch

Yes, the ending also changed if you paired the side characters. For example, during the final battle character A will not assist you if they are paired with B, but they will when paired up with C! 

Lol, he's not awful, its just that both Malik and Ash are both the type of characters who are open to that XD 

If you pair Malik with other people they might not be okay with it!

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Fatima is the kind of person who is willing to be anyone's best friend, and Malik... Well, he's open to being friends with benefits. Altair and Zen can't have that :'D


I am so grateful that people still play my games, I will do my bets to create more of them ;___;

Thank you!

Heya! All updates are mostly on twitter @azureXtwilight! I update every weekend!

Yass she is a toughie like daddy!

Thank you much!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you love it! Look forward to my future projects! I have a game on development right now =D

I am so glad it helped you went through difficult times! Thank you for playing =)

They don't have enough to show as for now, but I will update when they do ^^

Yasss! Have fun! <3

Just click on the one with the face icon (the .exe file)

Yes, of course they are safe!

Another person is working on it, it turns out to be too big for me to do, and I have no funds for iy, thanks so much!

Thank you so much! <3

Thanks! One is in.progress RN!

Why not both?  =D

Awesome! She is my fave heroine too! And yes, Zen will have a route!

Progress is a bit slow because our editor and myself have a new day job, but more updates can be seen in my twitter @azureXtwilight!

We're aiming for a somewhere in 2019 release! XD

Thank you for playing! <3 I hope you will look forward to my next games!

Thanks so much for playing! <3 I hope you enjoyed them and will enjoy the new ones, too!

I will consider adding if I got enough funds! (About $50 more or so?) In the meantime Sylvanna won the poll so she's the one getting a route for now.

Just enable pop-up and you will be fine!

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Of course you can! I will add it to my personal tally! In here there is no time limit to the vote.

Like I said, I don't have enough time and budget to add them both... XD