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Hello, when will the next version be released and when will the accessibility feature be implemented??

awesome game i'm trying to play being totally blind 



the game is amazing, but i found it a little confusing for the total visually impaired. some things should definitely be improved! and would love to see this! 1. the game should be a little more optimized! 2. Keyboard support could be added for those who are not used to playing with the mouse. 3. a sound when walking should be added as i was really lost whether i was standing still or not. I don't know if I was getting an item either. there is definitely a lot to improve, however the premise is cool and amazing! a music and screen reader feedback at the top of the main menu would be awesome!

Thanks. By the way it seems that the game is not working for me it gives a direct error 10.0 already tried to install the prerequisites even so it doesn't work

hello friend, i liked the sound effects of this game! im blind and im trying to play this with a friend of mine right now. however, locating by sound seems to be impossible for the time being. Could you kindly add a sound for when the enemy is hit and also a beep to signal where the enemy is so I don't shoot wrong? you can leave this as enabled in the settings. or in an accessibility guide? well for the time being that's it. btw, can i navigate with the keyboard in game menus? or just with the mouse?

hi friend i loved the game and i am visually impaired, the only thing that makes it difficult for me is that when navigating the menu there is no sound when we move with the arrow keys in the options. it would be nice to have a sound when passing the menu with the cursor. thanks! i play the game with his sound! amazing