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Greetings. I have been following the story in there not too long ago and I must say, I am very impressed by the amount of artwork done and the animatic cut scenes in dialogues. They give the story a good amount of life, especially that you animated the characters in a way accordingly to what they do in the narration in a simple yet effective way.

Also, I like the idea of adding choices of certain things and, to be honest, they can be grueling to me as I barely know its outcomes, but they are well-considered. The most favourite choice is the one where Eina has to curse Sep about something (which I took the butt-insult, which has been the most genius one for me) and I can tell that it is both filled with seriousness and humour. A great combination from my point of view.

Also, the characters are also well-made. They represent their gender and their age well and the choices of species are also good. Even their behaviour is pretty much well-distinguishable, like Ilegard being so big and strong yet so kind and respective and father-like, The Merchant being so loud, cranky and picky and Ader being so over-dimensioned, full of doubt, trying to be optimistic and yet very humourous and a would-be happy-go-around. Even Sep's design and behaviour is nice. Curious, a bit alluring and also: very persuasive whenever she's in a picky situation. And I didn't forget Eina of course; also, she is well-made and even that she cannot speak, her emotions and gesture can tell big stories, just like the dog named 'Gromit' from the popular claymation originated from the UK. I first thought is that she is evil, but since she is mute (except at her insult part), she isn't that bad and also, she is very caring to her friends, even if she is a bit mischievous.

Even the way of narrating is well-made. It's not just like in a book and they remind me heavily of those narrations in older games like Space Quest and King's Quest, adding a sense of surprise and curiosity in the entire demo. And the voice-acting is just spot-on; they represent emotions well, like anger, sadness, tempt and bossiness.

Even the encyclopedia of characters and places is well-bundled and easy to follow. And updating them from certain moments of stories is also a nice touch. However, I found an odd bug that makes the arrow show up in the gallery whenever I go to the encyclopedia. But, I think it get's straightened out sooner or later.

All in all, The Hayseed Knight is a well-written, beautifully drawn and exceptionally carefully considered visual novel that I can't wait to continue when new chapters show up, even if it's not entirely done. Keep up the good work there and I look forward to its continuation. ^^