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suggestion:a delete clan button?

the heck

i had a kid with my best friend

no he didnt die i think  he just stopped making games for the moment

uh is there a way to edit the character sheets?

i love it :0


i love the gay cowboys so much

me too :(

i found that one aswell

me too, i got pushed out of the map completely by one of those yellow moving things

a broken spine would probably kill em tho right?

they don't neeeeeed to make it on tablets and phones. that's a lot of work and your tone sounded a little demanding

i dont think so

"developed a crush" is in the game now?

add cause of death p l e a s e

i love the new update! the art is amazing :DDDD

hm thats weird

press continue n see if that works

nvm i just have to switch it then prses continue :DDDDD

is there any way to fix my saves? it crashes whenever i try to re-load it :(

oh i found it i think they jsut didnt edit it lol

idea: "platonic" checkmark on mates because platonic marriage i dunno (probably means they cant have kits but maybe in the settings)

theres an option to turn that off if you want it to be more realistic :)