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Thats kind of the reason, a faster damage burst and Stability break to deny how easy it is to rush into people with melee. This will force a melee player to be more cautious of just charging in against someone who has a Gun while at the same time being risky for the person with the gun as they could  run out of Boost doing this. In a game like this it is inevitable  your opponent is going to enter an invincible state its why they are put into it that matters.

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Suggestion 1
When you are in the Garage you have the option to remove the HUD and get a better look at your mech, what if you could also POSE your mech in one of the Arcade Victory Screen poses so you could get some cooler shots of your mech to show off to people.

Suggestion 2
This one is a little more touchy because it involves game balance and a weapons mechanic...  The Dominus Railgun Sword, a very cool weapon but it seems to be a hindrance with its "Hit the enemy to charge" mechanic. The 3rd Level Charge specifically you most likely never want to use due to how it locks you in place and drains your entire Boost Gauge, but you are FORCED to use that move should you get to the 3rd Charge severely limiting the weapons potential. Now it could be as simple as just "Just use it before you reach Lv3" but could be a total waste of the weapons Railgun shot or be impossible during some circumstances.
My Suggestion for its reworked Mechanic would be a "Hold Alt Fire to Charge" While you are holding the Fire Button the weapon will Slowly Charge enabling you to pick your moments but still make you commit, it becomes more usable but still offers the same risks of overcharging it.
Lv1 Would Charge relatively fast while Lv2 would charge slower and Lv3 even more so. You should also be able to use basic melee attacks while charging. Obvious damage adjustments would have to be made.
An Easier alternative Suggestion would be the make the Dominus Hilt bash lower weapon charge. 

Suggestion 3
Like suggestion 2 this is touchy as it pertains to game balancing. Currently with Guns it feels a little cumbersome to have multiple Gun weapons and is essentially just a Larger clip. This suggestion to Guns would be the ability to Fire MULTIPLE Gun Type weapons at the same time at the cost of rapidly expending Boost Gauge.

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Swarm missiles in their current state make Ranged builds designed to poke away at the opponent from distance completely irrelevant.

They seem to have a large AoE Explosion that deals full missile damage, they reload relatively fast.
fire off SEVERAL missiles that do extremely good damage in comparison to other missiles that fire off 1 to 2 at a time.
The Missile Swarms have outstanding accuracy over distance.
Forces the opponent into close range unless they want to actively deal with the missile swarms and how hard they are to avoid making long range and speedier builds irrelevant.
A good missile swarm can easily out damage all current ranged weapon with how accurate they are.

In a straight up fight between a Light Weight and a Heavy Weight build using Swarm Missiles the Heavy Weight easily wins.

-Do you feel this way about dodging (tap) or just general boosting (hold down)? or both? 
It has more to do with when you cancel an animation using Boost which you will be doing VERY frequently which consumes 50% of the boost gauge and then restores slowly. You get 5 Normal dodges which seems fine for me and just holding the button barely consumes anything in my opinion. As for suggestions to alleviate my personal gripe it would be to slightly increase energy regen, or if you want to further introduce part stats make it a bonus on say, the light parts to offset its low Armor.

My Mech STRAY Vs XORTDUX, both AI set to Hard.
I am having quite a lot of fun with my friends playing this. Its very rare a mech based game like this games out these days, even more so when theres customization involved. 
My general gripes with the game  in its current form...

-A lot of weapons tend to have the same weight or damage values as one another, this im assuming will be solved in time as the developers see how strong weapons are in comparison to each other.

-Considering how this game is played, and I understand energy management, but it feels like you consume too much energy to boost or dont have enough energy in general which can slow down the overall pace of the game.

-Speaking of pace and how chaotic some battles are the camera can be an issue, the camera is stiff and jolts around very close in to the action straining the eyes and hampering people who are prone to motion sickness. I feel this could be alleviated somewhat.

-The Stability Gauge is often hard to notice.

I could go over how I think the weapons currently are but I dont want to extend this post too much or make any suggestions until I have played the game a bit longer and test things, specially with this supposed "Big Update" coming.