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Fun concept, and I enjoyed using this encounter in my game!

Beautiful art, and great resource for a winter game! My players had great dramatic moments facing off against a couple of these guards!

Tons of great holiday resources here for a winter Mausritter game! I have pulled out story hooks, monsters, and art from this zine, the art of the candy monster in particular got loud reactions from my players, and prompted some dynamic fight scenes (they ended up facing one twice). Thanks for all your hard work, and we've had so much fun playing with this!

Also the art is charming and wonderful

Beautiful and elegantly put together, with very unique and interesting items!

My players were thrilled by these treasures, and immediately put them into play! A wonderful addition to a holiday game

Simple but wonderful, my players got a lot of glee out of rolling on this table - and immediately integrated the items rolled into their story!

Really engaging and well thought out supplement for Mausritter! My players love the addition of the birdfolk merchants. The lore is a good springboard for interactions and adventure hooks, and the lists of items for sale + spells are unique and useful