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I really enjoyed this game! I am used to playing big titles that are action packed and stressful, so playing a game described as pacifistic was interesting and new for me. The design of the environment and animals is beautiful, and the soundtrack really creates a peaceful atmosphere. 

Without any guidance, the puzzles can be a little challenging if you’re not paying close attention to detail or “thinking outside the box.” I went in circles not knowing what I was missing in the last level, only to realize I needed to use the smaller plants in the environment to dispel the moths. 

I experienced some minor glitches in movement and in the environment, but these were easily resolved. I enjoyed the premise of the game the most- restoring peace and vitality to the forest by interacting with the creatures and plants in order to solve the puzzles and dispel the swarms of moths (or bats? I’m not 100% sure). I really liked the various interactions with nature and the way the forest god was able to affect its environment with it’s wither and grow powers. 

***game spoiler below***

The game is rather short as I expected, but I do feel it was the right length to appreciate the work. If it had some additional levels, maybe the story of the forest god(s) have been explored more. I was intrigued by the meeting with the other forest god at the end of the game, and I liked ending the game by following in it’s footsteps to the tree, only to see it rest and decay into bones. 

Thank you, I really enjoyed Niva! I’ll give Weaving Tides a try soon as well.