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This short comic is very good and made me smile a lot. Full of lovely cute moments and evocative art and some spooky stuff that portrays a larger weirder world and it's great! Check it out!!

I facilitated this for a local meetup over the internet, and it was a lovely time!

It was the first time any of them had played a B-O-B game, so the questions & tips were super helpful to inspire fun ideas!!

I'm a goober who did an incomplete thing, but now it's (finally) complete!

I'm looking forward to taking a look at what other people have made! :D

It's still around and I've updated it with the few bits I adjusted :)

Thanks for giving it a look!

Hey, thanks! 

I'm super lucky to be doing pretty dang good now and have the chance to try and make a game! 

I didn't expect anyone would actually be interested in printing my thing out, but I can get a better version for doing that uploaded sometime this weekend :)

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if you're asking about the solo move file, that isn't a game on its own. It's just a slice from the game I made that I isolated such that it would be easier to copy and remix for others to use.

With regards to the actual full game, I wanted to try and evoke a specific experience I had in the hospital: 

Just after coming out of the coma, my mind was quite a bit of of a mess, really. I spent my first week asking questions to gathered loved ones about who I was and how accurate my hazy memories were. Within my own mind, I encountered many large gaps, inconsistences, and falsehoods. Also, I didn't agree with many choices that the previous operator of this body had made, and the things that he had wrote.

In this first attempt at transcribing these moments into a game, I wanted people to be asking and answering questions that confronted the accuracies of their own memories, and, I wanted others to be recording pieces of these memories in an incomplete way, and later, referencing these pieces as the cause of later memories.

What players end up with the complete chronograph is a weird abstract slice of their timeline, most of which doesn't really accurately represent reality.

 Ultimately I'd say the game's purpose is part thought-experiment, part meditation, and part character-building tool. But the 'character' is the persona that one creates to represent themselves and their experiences for other humans.

I like the way "success" is measured in a way that creates drama, and I love the subtext someone dying for some reason has greater consequences than someone surviving something.

...I don't understand?

Hi! There are now two files: 

  • the .pdf for the full game, and 
  • the .png which is just the One Move, modified slightly to be system-neutral

Either are free for you to enjoy, use, and/or modify for any of your shenanigans!