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Nice to see you keep working on this. TY for this update.

Nice Update. Thank you Dev!

Cool game, keep up the great work

You have created an Insta-Classic and thank you! I hope you continue to support GB with more content. Can't thank you enough for making this GEM

Cool mecha game, hope you keep working on it and bring it to windows ^^

I'm liking it alot so far, the "quit" option doesnt seem to work for exiting the game. it needs more video options, I dont think it has any ATM. do you plan on having any humanoid mechs or anything along those lines? those would fit in good here. your doing great!!

Been following you for a while. Love your work. TY for opening your latest game up for us to test. Please keep up the Great work.

Please, take my money!! keep up the great work

looking good keep up the great work

Any chance of adding some simple player progression like a rank/lvl up bar with stat tracking like kills ?

Would love to see player/pilot progression like kill stats and lvl/rank up

Pretty fun keep up the great work. can never have too man mech games ^^

Thank you for all the work your doing.

Another great update. Please keep it up ^^

Grabbing this now. Are you still working on the Black Knight mech game?

It was fun Testing, I am looking forward to doing it again. This is a great start to a Pretty cool mecha game. I cant wait to get the final version. Please keep up the Great Work Dev!

How are things going with the game? any news on when the next update will be?

You are Welcome I hope we can get a update soon ^^ this is really cool

How are things going with the game? any news on when we can see an update?

The new demo is awesome. the Devs doing some cool things with this. I'm looking forward to the full version. you guys should check the new Demo out. ALOT has changed from the old version

Great update. can't wait to get the full version. keep up the great work

I'm in the Central time zone. I can test at any time needed. looking forward to the update.

Please keep updating this. it's off to a solid start so far.

Please keep updating this cool Mecha game.

You have something good here Please keep working on it. I can test if needed anytime. 

Wished this was still getting updates

Third person view direct control it has first person now this would make it much more fun. a pilot/comander/soldier progression system where you earn xp to fill up a bar and lvl up or rank up.  more humanoid type mechs like front mission/gundam style and soldiers 

It's very cool I wish thy would update it more or let us Mod it

Very nice so far, a few bugs here and there. Please keep updating this.

Nice its great to see this updated. I hope the Dev keep working on it.

The games good. it could be great any news on some Updates?

It is a great game so far keep it up

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This is very nice. It needs English added. I hope you keep developing it. I would like to see a player progression system where you have a pilot lvl bar and you can earn xp to lvl/rank it up. that would be nice.

Good lord man this just keeps getting better. Thank You! and please keep it up

coming along very nicely PLEASE keep it up!

Grabbing the new update now. Keep up the great work and if I can be of any help please let me know.

I have been playing it and it seems to run fine for me.

I can select and install it. it's working just fine now for me. last time couldn't select the walker.rar to install

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Is there an option to have better FX something besides the Blocky FX like boosters we have now? if not. will you please add better FX soon? I think u may be going for old school there but modern FX would be better least have the option to choose the two. TY this is a Mecha GEM... BTW this game will not install with the itch app. the itch app has the place to install it too But, when u try there is NO file that can be selected To Install.