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Sweet, thanks for the info. That makes me want to push to it but the man stage 3 area is brutal on hardest mode lol.

By level you mean over all character level I assume? The level I'm referring to is the skills level which reads as level 1 and as of yet I can't find a way to increase it. I'm gonna assume that skill can't be leveled yet correct?
Side Note......Is there any plans to recruit the Halador units (sure I'm messing the name up) as I love the design and would love to get them (Pokemon/Final Fantasy?Dragon Quest in me can't help it but want them lol).

Thank you for replying. Also is the level of the "crafters" skill just flavor text or can it increase. Would be interesting if you had to use them in battle somehow to upgrade the skill the level 5 to have the max equipment upgrade. However that would also change how they already work so I don't think others would like that. 

Okay so if I understand you correctly then "crafting" is just an RNG based "plus 1" on weapons/armor pretty much? So does having lots of the "crafters" increase the rate at which they get enhanced? Is there a finite limit to upgrades as well? 

Also so only dismantling mutators matters? Why not drop trillium from equipment then if that's the case. I get the game is sorta new but no guide explaining anything at all in or out of the game?  More explanation would greatly help in the game. Like for example do the "smiths" skills upgrade from level 1 or do they stay that level permanently? I could spend hours of time testing to see if they do or not but since little in the game even gets explanations I figured it would be quicker to simply ask rather than spending days at a fruitless attempt to upgrade the ability if the possibility is not there.

Don't get me wrong the game is great and I enjoy it so far. The graphics (which I never really harp on since games like Project Zomboid show that that should never be a make or break selling point), the kills (love the overdramatic blood sprays), and varies units (some better than others like all games) is all good and for 15 bucks I don't think I wasted money but I do like to understand more about the game I play not to min max but to goof around with random builds. BTW kudos to the person that did the art for the mace wielding guys as they are just creepy and remind me of Pennywise. 

Is there a guide somewhere that explains the crafting talked about in the game and how to do it or is that still under works? Also not sure if this is a bug or not but I seem to not get any life essence from dismantling stuff.