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Aww. I wanna keep Issa though. :(  Still, I seriously love this game! I can't wait for the last episode! XD

Thanks! :)

Why is there no link for step 4? I've looked on every part of this games page and I can't find it. Someone please help! 

Aww, that's too bad. Well, It's still an amazing game with a great story and characters, so It's cool. Thanks for replying.  :) 

Will there be a nsfw patch? I always enjoy those in your games so it kinda threw me for a loop that it's censored.  :( 

OMG! It was the cutest game ever! I'm not usually a fan of that type of plot but it pulled me in anyways. I seriously loved it! Keep up the good work. :)

Awesome, thanks so much! Bought and installing. Can't wait to play it. :)

Yeah, I can't say anything  about  the length.  I didn't  play it. I just thought  I'd comment  because  I can't be the only one who sees the potential.  I'm not interested  in kids haha.

I'm having th same problem. I played the launched version on day 14 I upgraded the cleaner then prepared dish 2 then worked on Francis 3. Then on  Kyle's turn, he walked out of the inn, to the tower, complained about being bored, then said something or other "idiot" and the screen went black except for his picture and the music is still playing but the game is completely frozen. :(

Neither do I. I was hoping you would.   0.0 

Alright, I just looked it up in their Q&A section. Apparently there is no messaging system, nor do they plan on making one. I will give you a disposable email to send it to and I'll delete said email afterwards.

I think he's a hybrid as well. I just don't really like that part of said hybrid is a bull ( I know males are called bulls but I was lazy so I used the word cow as a general term because people don't usually specify ) specifically because of the nose and the horn shape. I know I'm just being picky so, based on everyone's comments and how good they made his route sound, I'll probably end up playing. It anyway. :)

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I'm glad I could make you happy haha. As for the script, I can reword it, but you'd have to code it into the game yourself. I have nothing to do for the next six days so I would love to spend it helping an awesome game like yours. :)

Also a were-beast is basically just a shape shifter. A werewolf is a pretty commonly known version but a lot of others exist. They're actually written into a lot of paranormal romance novels. Some of the more common ones are things like bears, tigers, jaguars, and of course, the wolf.

This game was awesome! I'm so happy I finally got to play it! :) 

    The characters were awesome (especially Nora) and the story was very in-depth. It pulled you in and really got you invested in the characters and the differences in their views and how it affected their lives. 

    The English translation was ok in some parts but not as good or terrible in others. I'm not sure if you are interested but I can write a better translation in a word file and send it to you. I can tell you really tried and I appreciate it because most don't.

     As far as the plot, you call them yokai but they aren't. What your characters are described as are what's called were- beasts. More powerful yokai have a human form they can change into. They usually use it to trick humans in some way. They do not feel large amounts of pain doing it nor do they become a completely separate being who is unable to control their "non human" form. They are born not human so saying that they have to learn how to control how they are born is a bit weird. Were-beasts however have two forms. Their default form is human. They can change into an animal but it is painful and they do have to learn to control it. 

    I can still completely love this game but please do more research on the subject unless you intended it to be something from a parallel universe type situation where yokai are something completely different. 

I don't mind his personality really. He just has way too much hair for my taste haha. I read a few of the other comments about Zed though and now I think I might actually play his as well. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment. :)

Omg yay! I'm gonna play it as soon as I get off work. Thanks for letting us know! :)

OMG!! I love your games! >.<

I can't wait for this one to be finished. The suspense is gonna kill me haha. :)

This was super short but super cute. I wish it was longer. If you make more games in the future, I'll definately play them. :)

I seriously want to play this but I don't have paypal. Do you guys have a card version?

Cool. :)

This game has the worst english translation I have ever seen. That being said if you focus on the fact that most aren't exactly buying this game for the story, it's pretty good. The scenes were definately awesome. The incest was a bit gross (though since they are cartoons I don't really think of them as actual people especially considering Vampire Knight is one of my top favorite anime) but I probably should have seen it coming looking at the title. I thought you could choose one but you actually have to choose all three. Overall it was a pretty good game but I do hope there will be a better english translation in the future. If there is I'd play it again. Thanks for the good game you guys. :)

This game was awesome! I don't usually like scifi/space themed ones (this is actually the only one Iv'e liked so far) but I saw a picture of Raz when I was scrolling past and just had to try it. His was definately my favorite though I so agree with JFDragoncar in that I wish Raz's route had more detailed scenes. Kol was also just too crappin cute. The teddy bear type works well when done correctly and this was definately done well. I'm not really interested in Zed's route but I would be if he were a wolf or fox and not a cow. Nasir is not my cup of tea either. I'm probably going to play Doc's route but I'm not really sure. He kinda looks like a lame 40 year old dad with that mustache but he seems sweet and nerdy which is usually the type I play first. But the mustache haha. Anyways the story was great, detailed, and really sucked you in at points. The artwork was great as well. I loved this game. You guys rule, thank you for making a great game! :)

Dawww. That was too cute! :) 


Haha, that was hilarious!

Also Corvus' ending was seriously awesome. This was a great game! :)

Omg! I was just thinking how awesome it would be for Merle to be an option and then I saw this post. Please make that a thing! 

There were a lot of typos but my god did the story and characters outweigh the importance of that. It was so in depth it sucked my right in from the beginning. I love Ren's route. I can't wait for the next part! Your work is amazing!! 

Awesome, thanks so much, I'm looking forward to playing your game! :)

This game rules! It's amazingly well written and has some awesome funny parts as well. I never really was able to get into the anime (not for lack of trying) but I like characters with silver or white hair so I wanted to give this a try when I saw it. It did not dissapoint. I hope you guys make more in the future because I'll definately play them. :)

If it's alright, can you please notify me of the english update as well? Thank you. :)

If you age them up so they aren't kids this game would rule! I think Kilua would be hot when he grows up based on other silver and white hair anime characters. Not sure if it matters but I just thought I'd share my opinion haha.