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Yeah, it caps out at story level 3 for now. Glacerose is still working on it now though, so it's not done yet.

The love between the MC and the girls seems pretty forced, but other than that, it's pretty good.

MC has the power to be a sarcastic prick.

10/10 would play again

Usually that means to retry or delete the download and redownload the APK again

You find binoculars and repair them. Then look out your window in the kitchen during the day.

No, it's not. This game is being overhauled completely.

I think phones in general can't handle the animations

Ladies and Gentlemen, you've heard of Big Tiddy Goth GF. I introduce you to Small Tiddy Goth GF!

What it meant was that it was the last event of the current version.


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I was in the party section and "Without Me" by Eminem started playing on my phone. Best Experience EVER

Edit: How I Met Your Mother was mentioned.

12/10 would play again.

I wish I had the MC as my therapist, because my god, does he help with recognizing what exactly is wrong with me.

Originally I only played for the sex, but now the story has me hooked.

That's  wrong. A more appropriate question is "What isn't wrong with me?"

What kind of inside joke did I come upon-

you son of a bit-

really leaving us there with a standoff? considered me played

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The crystal isn't a thing as of yet. It SHOULD come in later updates though.

Man, what's wrong with you. Learn to keep crap like that to yourself.

You get Gin by winning a battle of eroticism in the forest

Rinny is a succubus

Great game, love the ending of Chapter Six, since out of the whole game, that's the most wholesome part since neither characters seem to mind. 

Yeah, you gotta go to the site for that. The Itch App doesn't like MEGA for some reason

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Honestly, I thought I would hate it since it was female protag only. (I just realized how sexist this probably sounds, sorry!) But now, I really like it. Thanks, Hizor!

Edit: I just noticed that whenever you enter school after hours, your grade goes down. Be careful people

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Holy shit, calm down King Trump

Yeah, the title says it all mate. Shouldn't matter either way though, just have fun with the game.

Try getting the download link from other sites. Itch doesn't like installing all of the files sometimes. Also, check your space to see if that's the issue

Don't you dare let working on your games distract you, mate. We can wait, no matter what. 

Focus on your classes, mate. Everybody understands that school should come first.

What I'm getting from this is "Neglect the Loli and she'll fuck you." This scares me


Please make this an actual game. Instead of it being "oh, you got me," I absolutely love this. Hell, I'd even pay for it


I got to tell the survivors that I was from Hell

10/10 would play again

This man here is a legend

Will Druids be implemented, or are they already in the game?

Eh, even if you did trace, it should be fine as long as you make changes to the character that you traced.